What is a good Gym/ fitness studio in Pudong New District Shanghai?

Hi, I am searching for recommendations for a gym/ fitness studio in Pudong New District Shanghai. I will bei in Shanghai for 3 weeks in October and 2 weeks in December. Any recommendations for a affordable gym/ fitness studio nearby? Does anyone habe experience with day/ week tickets/ pass? Do you know how expensive they are? Does anyone sell his/ her membership even for a longer period? Thank you for your answers! Anni

Sandy Zhu: where will you live? Pudong is a very large district in SH. Maybe I can give some suggestion

Anni Labersweiler: Hi,thanks for the quick reply. I will live next to theNextage Shanghai No.1 Yaohan shopping mall.

Sandy Zhu:

上海国信紫金山大酒店(Shanghai Grand Trust Purple Mountain Hotel 5Floor) the Gym there may match your regular requirements. the fee wad 3000 RMB/Year, i just asked them last week

Skip Watters: I’m currently looking for gyms as well, but in the Xuhui district… One of the monthly gyms I have found is 500 RMB/mo, so they tend to run a little higher than a yearly based gym. Still, not bad if you’re only going to be here for two months

Xuhui, Shanghai
Xuhui, Shanghai

Daniel Duan: You can search on taobao.com try buy some week/month tickets