How to go to Suzhou, Any recommendation how to get there?

Hi, I’m planning go to Suzhou tomorrow, have you been there? Any recommendation how to get there?I’m planning to take the high speed train from Hongqiao railway station. When I arrive at Suzhou, do I need to take a taxi from the station to the “water town”?

Beena Waghela: Yes please take a taxi.. Or take a package tour over there ??

Jayden Jie Zhang: Speed train is the best way to there!! I also recommend that u can visit Suzhou Ferris wheel Park( 苏州摩天轮主题公园). u can show the Chinese to taxi driver

Maria Madeleine Sander: Thank’s for your help. Beena Waghela. How much it’s the package tour? What’s included? Is it with car, driver, guide? How long time do you think we need in the town? 🙂

Beena Waghela: One day is enough.. From M’ing to Evening…from Shanghai also there is a tour pkg.. And not very expensive.. If u go by bus then may be 90 to 100 rmb with lunch

Hiram Tan: There are three high speed train station in Suzhou(suzhou station, north station, industry park station) I suggest you to Suzhou station, it’s in the center of Suzhou, and also near to many Suzhou’s scenery.

Beena Waghela: They will take you 3 to 4 places.. It is better to go in pkg tour .. May be you will save money as well as you can visit the many places with this

Muralidhar Kakileti: This package is from shanghai ?

Beena Waghela: Yeah

Muralidhar Kakileti: Thanks Beena Waghela. Do you pointers from where it starts?

Tim Parker: Yes

Sushant Gupta: If you decide to the take the high-speed train, then remember to carry your passport to the station, else you will not be issued a train ticket.

马瑞芳: Hi

马瑞芳: Dear,I am in suzhou.Do you have any WeChat ID?

Tim Xu: I am living in suzhou,SIP is the best place!

Mike Gow: Grab a cab at the station and ask to go to the Suzhou Museum 苏州博物馆. It’s free and next to the Humble Administrators Garden. The walk East of the Garden and walk down Pingiiang Road. 平江路. It’s a long street running North/south through the canal neighbourhood. The most interesting part is between Baita Lu and Ganjiang Lu at the southern end. Lots of little cafes, shops etc. leave SIP. I live there but it’s a modern residential and commercial district. No “Watertown” as such in Suzhou. It’s more little pockets of culture dotted around the town. After Pingjiang Road, maybe head to Guanqian Jie and the Temple there near Lindun Lu. A short walk west of Pingjiang Road.

Dustón McCreary: I’ve been but know nothing of this water town.

Tim Parker: The water towny bit is around tiger hill. If you are looking for boat rides, singing rowers etc