Where to buy quality Jeans for around 300 RMB

Any recommendations on where to buy quality Jeans for around 300 RMB. Whatever I saw on TaoBao did not look too promising; i bought one but it was cheap material. I am used to getting Joe’s Jeans (US brand) on sale at $50.

Muhammad Raees: Uniqlo

Jenny Dumont: Old Navy

Lindsey Barron: Following because I am also used to getting Joe’s Jeans and have no idea what to do

Saad Hameed:


Saad Hameed: Thanks guys. Any recommendations on Chinese sellers or manufacturers. Everything is made in China so I would think there are good quality jeans out there

Jenny Dumont: Depends on the size. Most Chinese manufacturers will make sizes for Chinese people, which are generally smaller. If you want foreign sizes you will need to go to foreign stores like Old Navy, Uniqlo, American Eagle, H&M, C&A, Jack Jones but they won’t be 300rmb.

Saad Hameed: Interestingly at least the first jeans i bought from Taobao was the same exact size as US

Akina J. Saionji: Bershka official on Taobao they’re doing a sale

Saad Hameed: You are a pal ??

Saad Hameed: Jenny Dumonto you will find Alexiane J. Cai response helpful

Glenys Ryan: Bershka is actually a Spanish company

Emanuel Ruiz: Fake Market All Day

Lisanne Therese: I had jeans made in the fabric market for around 200 rmb. Lasted a long time.

Shirley Orellana: where is the fabric market if you dont mind?

Arturo Veve: Dongjiadu, near Huangpu bridge

Huangpu River
4.3 ★ · River

Slade Donald: H&M

Slade Donald: And you just gotta find the right stuff on Taobao

Shane Vey: Old Navy

Muhammad Raees: Search on TMall.com. Will be many jeans of chinese brands with reasonable quality.

Niraz John Devin Prada: h&m

Sasha McNair: asos on taobao – i think its swedish

Juan Melody: Our wechat : yanglvm2 we sell all kinds of nice products.

Anthony Benedetto: versace & cavalli

Jenny Dumont: I have lived here long enough to know not to trust the sizes online. Good that you have found what you need.

Jenny Dumont: Bershka is a small fit, for women anyway, but go your hardest.

Ahsan Maqbool: It’s better shop from JD online, more reliable

Keana Xiao: $50 is American price in USA compare the same brand jeans , I don’t think so there is any jeans will be very good quality with 300 RMB in China.

Keana Xiao: I don’t trust stuffs with good quality sell on taobao. It’s a big Gamboa to shop at taobao. Any way good luck if you buy from the trick place!

Ana Carini Seiford: You can buy Joe’s Jeans and more at Lane Crawford on Huaihai Lu. Not at 300 rmb though.

Lane Crawford 连卡佛 – Shanghai Times Square
4.7 ★ · $$$$ · Department Store
93 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, China

Juan Melody: Wechat yanglvm2 we have enough nice products .

Juan Melody: Price 300

Anthony Benedetto: Go to qipu road!

Anthony Benedetto: Go to qipu road!

Saad Hameed: Thank Anthony. Any specific store you would recommend. Do i need to take a local person?

Christian Borges: Uniqlo has good men’s jeans for about 299.

Signor Tibor: Take a pair that fits well to the fabric market, go to second floor, choose your denim and have as many pairs as you like made. Also try on at pick up and have any changes needed done. I used to get them made for about 80-100rmb each but they will start much higher than that in quotes. Best to establish good relations and prices with your regular tailors.

Saad Hameed: You are the man Signor Tibor. Coolest idea so far

Arnold Wu: was gonna say the same thing, fabric market = the best place to get ur pants down….. i mean done.

Alan Tam: Any GAP?

Saad Hameed: I am probably spoilt. Would not buy them in US but may try them out. There is one nearby

黄冉: h&m zara uniqlo