Where are the affordable international schools either in Puxi or Pudong?

Looking for affordable international schools either in Puxi or Pudong. My son will be 6 in November. Budget is below 150k pa. Thanks


Eric Waugh: Good luck. i know a lot of the international schools also have had waiting lists for the 2018/19 school year for a few months now.

Gary Lee: I’m paying 120k for SHSID. pretty good school

Pouneh McMaster: SMIC Private school in Pudong is under that budget and a very good school academically. American curriculum, accredited by the Middle Schools Association, and certified teachers mostly from the US. Totally underrated in Shanghai for some odd reason, probably cause campus is not flashy like the others -it’s because it’s affordable AND they do not accept corporate sponsorships unlike the others.

The SMIC Private School
Private School
上海市浦东新区青桐路19弄3号, 201203 Shanghai, China

Pouneh McMaster: https://www.smicschool.com/

Susan Young: SCIS has 2 campuses

Gary Lee: 4 campus for SCIS.

Lara Zhao: This is a huge amount of money. If your son is 6 it will be easy for him to learn mandarin. The Billingual schools are about 60rmb per year. Also foreigners get additional grades/points when joining Billingual schools to help them pass it takes the pressure off. I’m doing this with my daughter. I heard the Billingual schools have better science and maths levels to that of international schools. Better education for sure.

Alan Pilz: Did you mean 60K rmb??

Dochia Bodron: As a teacher, I also recommend billingual schools, the elementary teachers there are more skilled and develop with kids abilities that are essential in middle school and further. A poor foundation in the elementary school nowadays, with these rich curricula is a possible road for academic failure. School in China is serious, the homework will be difficult, eventually you might need some tutoring, maybe weekly, if you or your husband will not know how to help, especially for math it’s a high level from day 1. Basically, all or most schools are good as long as the teachers are qualified, avoid famous international schools that work with non-qualified teachers, so you may want to ask about the stuff credentials. Also, if you are not happy with the school, it may happen, change it. In Shanghai there are many extracurricular activities a kid can follow, all sorts of interesting clubs, chess, dance, computers, swimming, drama, lead by professionals, kids may attend one or two hours weekly, usually on weekends, it opens new horizons for them..

Nedal Ouwer: Give me your wechat I will add u to school and kindergarten group, all Shanghai parents are there

Lara Zhao: Alan Pilz yes. Considering the Chinese schools are free. Billingual ones do pay something.

Lara Zhao: Look into Billingual schools.

Lara Zhao: I heard the education in international schools is not as high as billingual

Nedal Ouwer: Give me your wechat I will add u to school and kindergarten group, all Shanghai parents are there

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  1. Belinda Teh

    May 6, 2019

    Hi teacher Nedal.. can u add me into the chat group? Belindateh.
    I m b relocating to SH this June. My twins r 6 now
    Tq in advance


  2. Hi! May I kindly ask someone to add me to the school and kindergarten group? DianaY1986. My daughter is 3 yo holding a foreign passport and I’m moving to shanghai in a few months and would like to get some info about schools.

    Also, may I ask which schools do you mean by bilingual school? In my country bilingual schools are offered only in international schools.

    Thank you so much.