Where to play table tennis just for fun in Shanghai?

Hi everyone. Is there any places where I can play table tennis just for fun? Would appreciate your recommendations. Cheers.

David Stephens: I too would like to know.

Nicolas Bigan: Me too ?

Jingyan Wang: The gym in the school or university. Which area are you in?

Ирвин Свиридовский: I’m living between Jiangsu Road and Longde Road subway stations

Jiangsu Road Station
5.0 ★ · Train Station
Shanghai, China

Jingyan Wang: Ирвин Свиридовский Hua Yang community center No.500 An Hua road. (安化路500号 华阳社区中心) Near ZhongShan Park.

Ирвин Свиридовский: Jingyan Wang thanks so much

Jingyan Wang: Ирвин Свиридовский You’re welcome.

Kelvin Pua: find the nearest Decathlon..

Frau Mahlzahn: go to decathlon – they have ping pong tables and all other kinds of sports equipment people can use while there… (did so with a friend myself, haha). often it seems people only go there for the purpose of playing and keeping their kids busy, ???.