Where can I look for 1-1 Chinese tutors

大家好! New in Shanghai and looking for 1-1 Chinese tutors. Rates and recommendations?

Alston Gong: Chinese have the widest range of quality. Dude, I’d go for quality tutors instead of asking for their rates, if I were u.

Seb Fawlkes: I agree: Quality over cost. But I have a budget and I’m sure Shanghai is more expensive than where I was previously studying (Shenzhen). Any tutors you can recommend?

Alston Gong: Seb Fawlkes well just imagine you have learnt something INcorrect that you have to correct in 5 years from a disqualified tutor. Most of my friends don’t pronounce well in English largely because their primary tutors didn’t even speak English. Sorry, man. I am Chinese, sorry4taking your time. Id suggest you go with someone whom you have heard for a coupe of times. Don’t go2institutes, where you will just find a bunch of frauds.

Dennis Voß: HI, How are you doing? Have a look at: https://www.mandalingua.com/…/private-tutoring-flexible/Bests, Dennis

Stephan Menzel: I can recommend my teacher. 90 minutes: 200 RMB. Learning is really fun with her

Liam Thomas: Hi! Please can you DM further information

Matthew Zhou: hiii Im Chinese, I could teach you chinese, add me on wechat if you are interested, my ID:hysan_

Thommy Ether: Stephen Stephan Menzel Our school is in Jing’an http://www.thatsmandarin.com/1-on-1-courses/ We offer a free trial class. Let me know if you have any questions. Our 1-on-1 rates are on the website.

Nicholas Krapels: soufudao.com