What are good VPN recommendations that can be used in Shanghai

Hi all, any VPN recommended?

Chino Lavares: Astrill

Weizheng Kong: it’s now working~

Ken Krauth: To expensive

Alex G Moscatt: Minchia vpn

Weizheng Kong: is it stable?

Alex G Moscatt: Yes

Weizheng Kong: Alex G Goodman Kind enough for a link, coz I can’t find it

Alex G Moscatt: You are too sexy. That’s why

Dorian Troesch: Hi mingy, I’m currently working for a company that is developing VPN for expats. I can give you a free trial period to http://vpalien.com

Alena Kanushkina: Hello Mingy Kong! How do you do? TEK-Shanghai is the only IT solutions provider for expats in Shanghai 🙂 We would be happy to help you out and answer all your questions regarding internet connection in Shanghai 🙂 Contact us at 02150807398 , www.tekshanghai.com

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Ahmad Sanjar Farhad: If you are an iPhone user, vpn master and tx vpn are some free apps you can use. Astrill works fine as well but is paid.

Weizheng Kong: OK, thanks I will try

Ahmad Sanjar Farhad: I hope I can help, and if you want to use pc, then you need to download Mozilla Firefox and that’s a little complicated. But if you want you can download some add-on or plug-in like Hoxx which also has free subscription.

Peter Perez: express vpn

Weizheng Kong: Express VPN is too expensive

Peter Perez: lol yea it is

David Jordan: Express

Wong Hsiao Cheng: Express

Seth Chao: FLY VPN not bad.

Tj McNew: astrill obviously

Cube Domingo: Hotspot shield VPN, or Betternet

Peter Chen: Astrill recommend

Jessica Marie Andersson: Betternet – free

Viktor Ogay: astrill

Alex G Moscatt: Minchia. Minchia vpn

Shannon GL: Betternet its easy to ise and freee.

Atish Kapur: I can give you one

Atish Kapur: It’s 15 rmb a month … but crazy fast …. uses shadow socks technology

Weizheng Kong: The name?

Atish Kapur: Add him

Atish Kapur: And buy from him … trust me you will never feel like you are in china … you will thank me your full life ! 😉

Ben Gong: 影梭

Anya Bacman: Express VPN is just the best…

Mark Lent: Express VPN. Bulletproof.

Brook Wang: lantern

Brook Wang: 4 free

Златина Дошева: Andrea Stamboliyska

Vidocq Xia: www.tizipuss.comYou also can download a app name Wingy for iPhone or if you use a android download shadowsocks

梯子铺 – 世界那么大,还不去看看?

Vidocq Xia: 梯子铺搞活动一年156吧每月80g 最近刚开始用 感觉还可以

胡婉穠: expressVPN

Farhan Ullah Marwat: betternet

Farhan Ullah Marwat: try betternet its free,fast,simple other vpn always make phone slow

Atish Kapur: The one which I recommend in that the Chinese website also work very fast like youku

JZ Zhou: Astrill

Liam Elliott: Express VPN. Worth the money.

Chris Chen: betternet for mobile, never had problems with the free service

Weizheng Kong: I’ve tried this one, but sometimes it is really difficult to get connected

Claudia Denti: StrongVPN, 50$ per year.

Andrea VI: Especially if you don’t pay those 50 bucks

Claudia Denti: Ahahahahahahahahahah shut up!

Srkrovi Krovi: Better buy VPN router so that it will avoid connecting VPN every time for using Facebook, YouTube, google etc

Ray Xu: Express Vpn 很不错很稳定,服务器很多,就是价格有点偏贵

Yazan Jum’ah: superVPN for phones, fast and free with no time limit

Philipp Va: Astrill

Weizheng Kong: Is it stable right now? I used to be a user but it doesn’t work anymore?

JZ Zhou: It still works

Dustón McCreary: I use Astrill but I hear there are other decent ones too.

Joanne Chen: Express

Coffee Tong: Express VPN