What VPN should I get in Shanghai?

Hello, I am coming to Shanghai in the few weeks and am wondering which VPN I should get. Any recommendations/what do you use?

Julie Whitley: I used Express VPN with no problems.

Sara Callahan Ostrander: Express VPN

Francis Shaw: Express and astril are popular enough to be common targets when the government wants to screw with the net

Saqib Malik: astrill or express.

Binson Uy: Rallets

Musharaf Hussain: Hexatech for iOS and psiphone for android

Thomas Schulze: ExpressVPN

Jiawei Wei: angel

Djama Kbw: i recommend you to use this bone you can use with your different devices:https://www.agro.kim/aff.php?aff=441

Paul Barkworth: Be careful mentoring anything on here

Paul Gerard Niven: Gee people…. have some brains….. these sites are reviewed by those who shut down VPNs….