How to transfer money to England online from a Chinese bank account

Can anyone recommend how to transfer money to England online from a Chinese bank account?

Dustón McCreary: Every time I’ve tried online it’s failed to be received. It’s best to use Western Union or have your Chinese bank send it.

Will Kennedy: Bank heist

Ralph Terence S Balaba: Try ctbc bank


Nicholas Lim: is it a large amount?

Kai’kane Ump Darcangelo: Yeah’ western

Philip Ringler: Citibank charges like 100 kuai for 5000 rmb. Cheaper than western union. Need an account in Shanghai and your home country.

Dustón McCreary: ICBC doesn’t charge to exchange currency, but will of course for a transfer.

Helen Giddens: Try transferwise

Jane Gao: Western Union is the bear way – But make sure the receiver surname and name !!! If any mistake will had trouble

Seth Ribe: Transferring is easy, converting RMB to pounds will be the bottleneck …

Oscar Tarneberg: Get an HSBC account in China, with a GBP account, and an HSBC account in the UK. You can connect them and easily transfer online between the two for £5. The problem, as Seth says above, is converting to pounds – you need a bunch of documents, including payslips, alien work permit, and tax forms (you are not allowed to convert more than you earn in a year to foreign currency).