Where to find a Yellow Fever vaccination here in Shanghai?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with where to get a yellow fever vaccination here in Shanghai? Any help will be greatly appreciated ☺

Vratesh M-Navy: Many hospitals do have YF vaccination,if you cant find it go to airport they do have it there.

Gabi Wischer: I got mine a month ago at Shanghai international travel healthcare center at Jinbang road. It was 480rmb

Sarah Jayne Usher: That’s great, thanks!

Hutch Danger Wilco: Oh that’s a serious question?! I thought we were back to the “why are all the foreign guys dating Chinese girls” topic ???

Mi Ke:

Bryan James: i have yellow fever so hard

Anthony Wong: A few girls at DePaul have yellow fever ?

Vincent Wu: No need with that vaccine anymore in China

Sarah Jayne Usher: I know that, but I’m climbing Kilimanjaro then going to Zanzibar, it’s required for that ☺

Vratesh M-Navy: then you must,even for your own good