How to send packages to France from Shanghai?

Hi everyone ! I’m going to relocate from Shanghai to France soon. I would like to send (quite) a few things back there, and was considering sending them by boat. So, I was wondering if anyone of you had ever done this before ? Could you recommend me an affordable and reliable company here in SH ? Thanks for your help. 😀

Hutch D Wilco: Pm me, I’ll give you my shipping agents details

黄玉城玉城 : EMS

Yann DesbouleauxYann : Might be too much stuff for EMS. And quite expensive, no ?

黄玉城玉城 : I think it’s about the same. It’s OK.

Yann DesbouleauxYann: OK thanks, I’ll check this out. 🙂

Marius 馬利斯 Vasiliu: pm

María Reyes Bariáin: China post if you’re not in a rush

Roseline Berthe Denise Rchr-Srzn: China Post for Big stuff and it will take 2 Months ?