What app, website, or phone number for home food delivery in english in Shanghai?

Hi I just moved in to Shanghai in the Pudong area, can anyone recommend me an app/website/phone number for home food delivery in english please

Nursulton Kulmukhamedov: Sherpa

Juliette Reynolds: Groceries or cooked take-away?

Jaqueline Mondragon: Cooked take-away

Juliette Reynolds: Oh well, definitely Sherpa but there are lost of others. Search for “home food delivery Shanghai”.

Anis Jerfel: Sherpa

Damon L Hansen: haha… www.sherpa.com.cn

Home – Sherpa’s

Stacey Poncia: element fresh and wagas

Jaqueline Mondragon: I was checking this app but is in chinese right? Is there a way to order in english?

Stacey Poncia: element fresh is def in english, wagas not sure but you can also call and they speak english

Cherry Rose ObaƱa: Sherpa’s

Stefan Sulies: McDonald’s China has an App to order in English

Anny Vdh: Kateandkimi , epermarket , Swiss butcher fresh meat ,everything in English also order online as well

Anny Vdh: Ole at Kerry park side got lot of import stuff, “times” next to parkway health always have something import hope this is help !!

Craig Gingerich: http://www.healthandsafetyinshanghai.com/food-delivery…

Food Delivery Shanghai For Expats By Expats!

Jaqueline Mondragon: Excellent, thanks everyone for your recommendations!!

Jason Pluta: http://www.sherpa.com.cn/index.shtml