Where to find a good Beijing duck recommendations?

Any good Beijing duck recommendations?

Criteria :

1. Family friendly

2. Don’t want to break the bank

3. Preferably in Puxi but would drive to Pudong if it’s in central areas TIA!

Rick Pww: At People Square 全聚德

People’s Square, Shanghai 上海人民广场
Local Business
Shanghai, China

Charles W Clark: Go to Beijing…

Jo Elle Courties: Ya Wang, severals location, Infos on smartshanghai

Di MC: Jing’an Temple stop (line 2) in the Reel Mall is place called Dadong. 5th floor …ducks brought in from Beijing. Restaurant opened by Beijing chef

DaDong Beijing Restaurant
5.0 ★ · Chinese Restaurant
Fifth Floor, Reel Shopping Mall, 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai, China

Sondra Okada: Da Dong

Peter Lakie: DaDong – 300 RMB per duck but it is very good !

Da Dong
3.0 ★ · Chinese Restaurant
Shanghai, China