Do China allows foreign workers to work for a multinational company as a technical worker?

Do China allows foreign workers like me to work for a multinational company as a technical worker? I tried my luck to apply to Continental Tires Located in Shanghai China.

Daniela Gray: Si no estás ya en china es bastante menos probable. Qué significa “I tried my like”?

Emiliano Knight: Im from their neigbhoring country and your former colony the Philippines. If it meant for me then its good.

Daniela Gray: Ops sorry! !I mean it’s more difficult to get a job if you remain abroad. If you are already in mainland things get easier. You might be required to stay few days in Hong kong though.Good luck!

Arya Ray: In China supervisors of technical workers can only speak chinese. If you don’t speak Chinese you won’t have a chance.

Emiliano Knight: its a multinational company. There is no requirements for speaking chinese. I willing to learn the language once I was there.

Arya Ray: Robert Cruz Bartolome sounds like you have never been in china ?

Emiliano Knight: Arya Ray: yes I do its a mere try outs

Joshua Casey: Kabayan balitaan m ako. Apply din ako if ever. Tnx

Alanna Clayton: You should pass the minimum requirements to be eligible to have a china work permit. Then have the employer sponsor you a visa so you can travel here then have it converted to work visa upon arrival. Ayos?

Emiliano Knight: Okay are you currently in China at the moment?

Alanna Clayton: O naman

Emiliano Knight: Alanna Clayton: Sa shanghai ka

Alanna Clayton: Yes sir

Emiliano Knight: Alanna Clayton: PM tayo

Saylor Rhodes: yes, good luck

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