What options to choose in applying for Z Visa for Shanghai?

Hi can anyone tell me: When I apply for my Z visa do I choose 1 entry or multi entry? I understand once I am in the country I will then apply for a residents permit and that allows me to enter and exit the country multiple times. Is that correct? What did you do? I am from NZ if that makes any difference??

Karter Maldonado: Multi so your covered for any delays etcNothing worse then being stranded.

Liana Bowers: Sorry I haven’t travelled to china before: how do delays affect entry?

Karter Maldonado: Trish Matt Stratton delay in applying for anything visa wise in China.

Liana Bowers: Karter Maldonado: I see, so the delay on getting the residents permit you mean?

Karter Maldonado: Trish Matt Stratton just make sure you are covered to travel. I always suggest back up plans in China.

Maryam Dixon: Z Visa is Single entry only, it is used to then apply for residence permit once arrived

Blake Gibson: You cannot apply for multiple entry with a Z visa. It’s single entry with the requirement that you have to apply for residence within 30days of entry into the country.

Blake Gibson: Once you apply within the 30days with all the necessary paperwork, you will be given a document that will allow you to stay in the country regardless of any delays until your passport is ready. Once you have your residence permit which expires(usually 1 year residence, renewable) you can enter and exit as you please.

Liana Bowers: Thanks for that.

Blake Gibson: Trish Matt Stratton your company or school should guide you through getting all the necessary documents or if you are a dependant you need some extra documents too.

Hannah Malone: I have just found out that the company that I am hired through ForeignerHR, Have a history of not upholding their contract. One of their employers Rosie was jailed back in 2016 for fraud. My first red flag is I have not registered with the police yet. …See More

Liana Bowers: Yikes. So what visa did you arrive in the country on?

Jaiden Wong: What Sharon said. Being from NZ doesn’t affect anything, except your vowel sounds and making statements sound like questions.

Hannah Malone: ahhahah statements sound like questions? we do that?

Jaiden Wong: Hannah Malone: yes. Yes we do. ??

Blake Byrd: First time they will give you single- unless you ask for multi with a valid reason – IE Tell them you plan to visit HK.

Michaela Baldwin: Single entry for now.

Melanie Cox: Z visa is only single entry

Hannah Malone: I was informed to apply for a business multi-entry visa.

Ainsley Barton: Definitely a multi entry just in case you need to exit for any reason. If you only have single and you leave you have to reapply to come back!

Noelle Norris: in China , you have to apply for multi entry visa whatever you leave or come back. any question, you can add me WeChat lkj1091341946. glade to help you .

Liana Bowers: are you a kiwi by any chance?

Liana Bowers: I have a question about the police check as well

Noelle Norris: what question?

Liana Bowers: Does it need to be authenticated at MFAT?

Tanner Barker: I just got a Z Visa and am from NZ too. Apply for a multi-entry visa. Note that visa applications here can be slightly different rules for NZ’ers than say the US.

Liana Bowers: can i ask you about the police check

Tanner Barker: You can get a free police check from Justice.govt.nz It takes up to 20 days to process and you can apply online if you are in China already. They will send via email.

Get your own criminal record | New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Tanner Barker: Trish Matt Stratton I’m not sure if this is really necessary but my school also sent my police check letter to be notarized in Beijing. You can get your Degree notarised here in China but it also takes 20 days and 3000 rmb.

Edward Zimmerman: When applying for a Z visa you don’t need to choose multi, cause it’s what you’ll choose when you change the Z one to the Working one.The Z visa lasts MAXIMUM 30 days and you have to change it to the working one in that period of time.

Tanner Barker: Edward Zimmerman: I think you are confusing the L tourist visa with the work Z visa. New Zealanders can get a 90 day L Tourist visa from Seoul – same day service (if you are happy to pay). Other places like Hong Kong limit a tourist visa to China to 30 days.