How to convert foreign driving license to Chinese and what are the procedures?

Does anybody know how much it costs to convert a foreign driving license to the Chinese one and the procedures? Can someone recommend a reliable agent in Shanghai or Kunshan?

Zara Mcdonald: You can’t convert a license as far as I know, you need to take the test…. 100 questions out of a possible 1,000 and a lot of them quite ridiculous, to the point that you really start wondering and get really confused. You have to study all 1,000 and have to answer 100 questions at the exam. Be prepared to fail the first 2 times, almost all foreigners do, it doesn’t matter if they earn the required 95% or so I’ve heard. But the third time you’ll pass if you have 90% or more. That’s what I’ve been told. I’ve decided not to drive here since the public transport is excellent and you can have most heavy things delivered to your home anyway so who needs a driver?

Ella Kim: how much it costs to pass the driving license ?

Hope Cook: The problem is not the money but the test.

Ella Kim: I Guess so, my Wife is chinese so she can help me. But I want to know how much it costs, in France it’s around 10 000¥ it’s pretty expensive And I’m moving in China (even if the french driving license is able to be translated and used in China. I don’t have it, but I know how to drive because I’ve made the test already)

Hope Cook: Ella Kim: I remrmber it was not too expensive. I had mine long time ago couldn’t remember really cost for changing.

Ella Kim: My wife told me. She paid 7000. For foreigner it would be little bit more isn’t it ?

Hope Cook: Ella Kim: Maybe, but l do not think will cost that much. I can ask our chief driver tomorrow.

Judah Diaz: Ella Kim: I recently got my Chinese driving license and it didn’t cost more then RMB 200.

Ella Kim: Hope Cook: yes please

Ella Kim: Judah Diaz: where?

Judah Diaz: Ella Kim: Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
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Hope Cook: Ella Kim: Do my best.

Braelynn Weaver: ‭If you want local professional help to navigate and hasten the process try Gary on 13917928129‬.

Maddox Ortiz: As Marijke mentioned, there is this test that is required to pass, with more than 1000 questions that one is supposed to memorize by heart. This website helped me a lot for preparing my test: and I managed to pass it in the first go, but it does take time to study for it, one can not rely on reading up a day in advance, maybe a week before if you are good.

Hope Cook: Money is not big issue. Pass the test is major problem. No agency can help you test.

Gabriela Wade: $12000RMB

Hope Cook: Wow,that much.

Judah Diaz: You can’t convert but need to get your country license translated to Chinese then can apply at Hami Road traffic police administration department. It do not cost more then 200 元 and quite easy to apply no need for agent.