How to find cheap tickets to Japan from Shanghai, China?

I want to go to Japan in my stay in China, im trying to buy cheap tiket, but seems to be expensive AF. ¿Is it another cheaper way to go there? Is it possible to find cheap airline tickets with little anticipation? I found roundtrip air tickets for 570 ¿is it good?

Harper Bass: You found air tickets for 570 RMB??????

Nathan Sanchez: no, dollars, sorry

Emiliano Harmon: From SH-Japan ticket price range is from 1400-2500 on round trip on round trip but it depends which dates you select. On weekend or holidays, the price will be high otherwise with normal rate. Try to Buy ticket from chinese version website/application.

Amelia Ford: It is normally 3000-4000 RMB return

Aidan Padilla: Bought tickets to leave tomorrow and it was $500 round trip Pudong-Narita via Japan Air. Saw some around $380

Addyson Snyder: Yeah, not really expensive…

Waylon Knight: Oooh, someone enjoys having their life paid for…

Addyson Snyder: Waylon Knight: nope, just enjoy a well paying job. You must be an English teacher?

Ophelia Malone: Check korean Air via Seoul

Jazlyn Mendez: check the low cost airlines, if you are flexible with the dates, you can find some cheap flights: Peach Air, Spring Air, Jetstar, all fly to Tokyo.

Delilah Christensen: Look for tickets that don’t fly to Narita or major cities. Spring lands in Ibaraki as i recall

Jazlyn Mendez: Spring lands in Haneda. So does Peach but Jetstar flies to Narita.

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Nathan Sanchez: Just spanish enphasis

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Evangeline Gardner: Use Skyscanner, checks hundreds of websites and gives you cheap prices, details of airlines and length of flight

Nathan Sanchez: yes, im now doing that. I just wonder (for this restrictive internet thing in china) if there is another way to buy this

Evangeline Gardner: I usually find the best flight with Skyscanner then go directly to the airlines website and buy from them

Serena Mccarthy: you could get a junko. or put yourself in a container. abusively.

Nathan Sanchez: thanks for your boring advice????

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Nathan Sanchez: sólo decía que tu comentario era aburrido, no que me molestara ?

Serena Mccarthy: pues en barco podria salirte mas barato. hai compagnia naviera que tiene camarote para viajeros. miratelo nel web. todo esta en tu aventura en tu viaje.

Jane Thompson: try skyscanner。You can certainly find cheaper prices than that.

Jasper Martinez: use
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Lorelai Padilla: Fly to hongkong then to Japan. Then from Japan back to China. I’ve paid 300 in total for my flights.

Lorelai Padilla: Ctrip in Chinese is better than the English version! Can find awesome deals there!. You can get a round trip flight from China to us for 400

Parker Burns: Try to check the price at Peach Aviation

Kylie Newman: going to Osaka is cheaper than Tokyo for example

Beckett Cannon: You can fly from SH-Osaka or Nagoya for like 150$ round trip on one of the low cost airlines. Sometimes even less than 100$. Id bet Tokyo would be possible on one of them too!

Luciana Sanchez: is always good. I use they seem to have good deals.. – Cheap Flights, Hotels, Trains

Alyssa Soto: Been to japan last year, from shanghai. Dont bother with price comparison sites, the cheapest airline is Spring Airlines and you can buy off their site directly for the cheapest rates without added booking fees. They dont fly to Tokyo, but you can land in Osaka instead and take a train (its easy to travel in japan, you just need a bit of english)

Cora Washington: 570 is awesome in ¥. Not so great in $. Why do you give numbers without specifying the currency? They mean nothing like this.

Alyssa Soto: she said USD in the comments

Cora Washington: Alyssa Soto: and I have nothing to do with my life but to read all the comments. Question is incomplete, and that should be edited.

Aaliyah Adkins: use to compare price to buy cheaper tickets

Miriam Valdez: Have someone help you buy the tickets on ctrip or qunar Chinese versions. They can be considerably cheaper.

Jacob Hamilton: Be careful. Some of those tickets are for Chinese passport holders only – you wouldn’t want to arrive at the airport and then be knocked back for not having a Chinese passport.

Miriam Valdez: I have often been using ctrip Chinese app for 3 years and have never encountered such thing. In any case Ctrip app is super smart. I doubt they’ll let you book those once you input your passport number.

Jacob Hamilton: Miriam Valdez: My Chinese wife (UK passport) encountered it about 2 hours ago ! You are correct though – on CTrip they warn you once you input your passport number however I’m not sure all sites do that so it’s worth knowing.

Fernanda Collier: i paid 1200 rmb return last november. shanghai to osaka, tokyo haneda back to pudong with peach aviation. if you’re flying during summer though, i guess the rates are a little higher

Cora Washington: Wow, 1200 is crazy cheap, I was paying 2300 round trip to Tokyo – where did you find the tickets so cheap?

Fernanda Collier: Cora Washington: Peach! Just on their website. November 2017

Cora Washington: Fernanda Collier: I flew with peach too, but I booked through ctrip and it was in May… well, I’ll be checking their website then ?

Cameron O’brien: Plane tickets will always depend on when you fly, where you fly from and to and how long you stay. Just check several of the mentioned sites and compare. If you are flexible with the dates and you can fly during the week rather than on weekends you might get really good deals.

Eve Dennis: Check flights to Shizuoka airport – it did the trick

Cora Washington: I’m checking those and they’re twice as expensive as tokyo

Adam Fowler: The price of Spring airlines super economy class is only half of the full-service airlines economy class,and you can enjoy more space and the business class service.

Carter Watson: I use Star Alliance miles.

Leah Newman: SWIM

Ember Massey: I went in April and the tickets were cheap

Elsie Alvarez: Peach aviation or jetstar … they are relatively cheap

Danna Peters: Spring airline is cheap but no service