How to go for a visa run from Shanghai?

Can anyone recommend the best place to go and do a visa run? I believe Hong Kong is a good option… Also, do different areas offer different visa lengths? Any suggestions would be most welcome, x

Bromme Hampton Cole: Very easy for USA passports…I know from experience…others not so sure

Andrea Morris: I”m on a british – any ideas?

Bromme Hampton Cole: Hmmm…HK is likely to be the best chance

Claudio Lopez: Go to Hong Kong and you might take a one hour ferry to Macau… Amazing cities!

Andrea Morris: Good to know! Thanks 🙂

Jenny Lin: Taiwan is a good option too.

Steven Stark: korea seoul hong kong sucks …

Steven Stark: i mean for the visa this is the best place to be

Steven Stark: John Bracken hong kong refused me 3 times … i think every situation seem differents

Steven Stark: John Bracken im french ..

Steven Stark: John Bracken hahaha