Where to get passport photos in Xintandi Area, Shanghai?

Any recommendations on where to get passport photos? I’m located in Xintandi area.

Stephen Morris: Most metro stations have Photo booths. They have English instructions on them. I think it’s around 30RMB for a set.

Kimberly Pack Bagierek: We used the photo booth at the Metro station and it was very quick and easy. Way better than going to a Kodak store.

Shane Vey: I used a Kodak shop 2 blocks from xtd. Laochongqing west rd and Huaihai rd

Shane Vey: Near the blue dot. (I live across the street from it) ?

Kevin Sun: xujiahui subway station

Reda Oul: Huangpi Nan Lu station (Line 1), there is a photo booth there !

Mari Ethan Gieb: Thank you all!

Julia Freiberga: I do it at Kodak shop on 47 Zizhong rd (close to Dongtai rd) near the formal antique market