Is it possible to travel via train from Shanghai without a passport?

Can one travel via trains from shanghai without a passport? On any other ID or copy of the passport and resident permit?

Ember Murray: You cannot do travel with your copy of passport. they need to see the original passport when you buy the ticket.

Camila Castillo: I’ve bought tickets on WeChat and then picked them up just showing a copy of my passport, no problem!

Parker Hernandez: As far l know always oriinginal.

Miriam Fleming: my advice: travel in china, always use/bring passport to avoid unnecessary trouble…

Parker Hernandez: Miriam Fleming: Indeed !

Ava Cohen: Resident permit is equally good, it was in 90s 🙂

Hayden Valdez: you should at least get a paper from your embassy

Jake Graham: I did travel with my work permit card several times…Never i was stopped …I don’t know if this is ‘really’ allowed or not.

Patrick Foster: You can use a travel permit from your job, or a copy

Charlie Hogan: Wow why is it so random over here? Either it’s allowed or not allowed. So I can’t take risks having no passport with me? Is that the consensus? Can I contact some official regarding this?

Fernanda Hicks: Because it IS random, Charlie Hogan:. I’ve travelled by train buying a ticket using my Dutch driver’s license because my passport was at the bureau for renewal of my visa. This is a few years back and rules change all the time here, at least twice a year. Another example: I’ve heard multiple stories of children living abroad having trouble getting visa for China to visit their parents. Our son got a double entry visa without any problems. So yes, it is random. I would veer towards saying that a copy of your passport should be enough but am just not sure.

Brooke Lyons: I think; to buy train tickets or pick up tickets, we need passport and also checking tickets with passport on Train. That’s why, I would ask you, please don’t travel without passport (original one).

Avery Lloyd: There may be accidental exceptions, or very recent changes (see below), but officially, you need it. You can buy online on CTrip app, inserting your passport number, but you still need the passport to collect the ticket, unless you’re very lucky… (Now with the new card-style work visa, that may be different… You may be able to collect tickets from machines the way citizens can)

Brooke Lyons: Agreed!

Hope Kelley: A copy of your passport is ok to pick up tickets at downtown Jingan office. , however it’s a legal requirement to carry your passport at all times