How to travel in and out from China with a canceled work permit?

Hey all, question and advice: can you still travel in and out of China on your existing residence permit, as the work permit is already cancelled?

Bailey Hernandez: Yes you can.

Malachi Harrison:

‎Chek-huo Leung‎toShanghai Expats 上海
May 31 at 6:24pm
Hello everyone, some advice here, switching jobs, my work permit has been cancelled, can someone confirm that I can still travel in and out of China, until this expires, it runs until 15th August, or do I need to leave the country? Thanks again.

Stella Padilla: No you can’t. Once work permit is expired or not in used, your residence is automatically expired too. If you did not declare at yuan Shen road then pray they don’t find out.

Ximena Stephens: I guess, you can travel within China but cannot travel outside of China. If you travel out of China then you can not get in China again with the same resident permit; and your resident permit will be expired itself within a month or so. please, be careful!