Question: Looking to buy health insurance, any recommendations?

Tamir Bashkin: Hi Kyle, I’m working for a family business that specializes in comparing health insurance. You could have a look here ( to get a quick online quote and on our website ( for more info.If you want, drop me a PM and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Buenavida – Compare International Health Insurance
4.6 ★ · ££ · Insurance broker

Janos Sagi: You’re doing this to satisfy contract obligations? Pingan is affordable. It won’t give you access to premium hospitals like Parkway but it won’t cost you more than your rent.

Dominika Mka: So how much is Allianz or another recommended insurance to have access to Parkway and it can be bought here?

Tamir Bashkin: Hi Dominika Mka, we have plans that let you access parkway (and essentially every hospital you want) from 90$ a month.
Buenavida – Compare International Health Insurance
4.6 ★ · ££ · Insurance broker

Joselle Clarisse Reyes: also MSH China insurance is better. you may directly check their website:

Dominika Mka: Thanks will have a look

Heather Smith: Unity health insurance is good and affordable

Sona SG:
Priyanka Veetil: MSH

Jackie Yap: PM’d you!

Teo Hee Hwee: Following

Hugues Chine: I used MSH international for the second year now and my point of view is that the service is very bad, i live in china Shanghai so i’m in MSH China Shanghai and last week i called the hotline for asked hospital address, for emergency case for my small daughter 2 years old and they sent me to the wrong hospital, i lost more than 2 hours, feel crazy…. do not try to call their Hotline always busy, i tried during more than 2 hours no answer…the sales service is also very bad, not professional, they made mistake on my contract and decrease my assurance level without my agreement…..make me in big trouble now and they asked me to pay around 4000 euros for recover the same level insurance that my boss do not agree to pay now (too late for him and complained to me) i lost big advantage. Last year also for signed the contract need 1 month nothing was clear, asked me several times the same documents and made correction …. they have an app very not clear a lot off hospital’s phone number are wrong, better to use internet or expats way for find the right hospital if you don’t want lost time and also what is very funny this app is protect with a password but also you haven’t the password everybody can access to all your information. Really do not come in MSH international if you don’t want get trouble.