Question: School recommendations for 16 year old

Hi Everyone. Im new to this group and looking for advice and recommendations of schools for my daughter. We are from Denmark and relocation to Zhujingzen this summer. My daughter is 16 yrs.

We would prefer an IB Diploma programme, and finances are somewhat limited, so something around max. 200.000 RMB/year. Either incl. boarding or max. 1 hour drive from Zhujingzhen. Anyone has experiences with for example High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University or Peking University Experimental School (Jiaxing)? How would a Scandinavian girl fare in these types of schools? Any other ideas? Any advice, or contact to someone with scandinavian teenagers i Shanghai, would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Martin Dan Olsen: Hej Marie! Der er en gruppe der hedder Danskere i Shanghai, hvor du helt sikkert kan finde svar på dette.. Der er mange som er herude med børn på din datters alder også.

Martin Dan Olsen: Dansker i Shanghai*

Marie Thorning: Hej Martin, tak for tippet! Vil straks finde gruppen

Marie Thorning: Hej igen, MartinKan kun finde en gruppe der hedder Danskere i Shanghai, og den har kun 3 medlemmer og ingen posts siden 2009. Kan du evt linke til den gruppe du nævner?

Martin Dan Olsen: Marie Thorning kan ikke linke til den ? Men kan lige gå ind og tilføje dig

Marie Thorning: 1000 tak!

Howard Duan: I major in car rental service for foreigners.feel free to contact me if there is interested phone:18001696651 Howard

Michael Bonde: Hvad er det korrekte navn på gruppen?

Martin Dan Olsen: dansker i shanghai

Michael Bonde: Mange tak!

Yang Zhao: Hej, PKUES is private new and I really didn’t find any statistics about its graduates or anything that supports to evaluate the quality of its education but from what it presents looks promising. According to local Chinese parents that PKUES is more standard form of IB with integrated international educational ideology and most of all, “a private school for the rich that has nothing to do with Peking University”?, anyway I guess might be OK with 140.000/year for Brits/American students to fit in (not sure about Scandinavians :-p). HS.aff. SJTU is relatively more “vintage”(old/Chinese traditional), small, academic oriented and public (with intensive public relations to top universities maybe), with figured enrollment of its graduate(nowadays acknowledged by the rest of the world, which means also good).