What is a good pet relocation service in Shanghai?

Hi everyone! Who has used a Pet Relocation Service? Is it worth it, or is it easier just to bring them myself? Any recommendation for a great (and cheap) company?

Melanie Pierluigi: definitely don’t use a service. They are way overpriced and it’s easy to do it on your own. You are bringing a pet to china? I can only recommend the vet in Shanghai that does the paperwork for exporting out of the country. But I just called the airline and was able to bring the pet right onto the plane under the seat so it was fine. Overall I paid only $100 for the ticket. A pet relocation service wanted to charge me between $2000-$6000 to do what I was able to do on my own!

Herwig Schiefermüller: Hi Melanie, I am also interested in the question of exporting a cat. I am reading mixed things about how long it takes between the vaccinations etc. before an export (to Europe) is possible. Would you mind sharing some information? Any airline you can recommend?

Melanie Pierluigi: Hi, I thought it would be way more complicated than it was. It sounds intimidating but the process wasn’t that bad. I exported a cat to Canada so i think Europe might require a few different steps like the blood test. Shenpu Vet is the only place that does the paperwork. You need a rabies shot at least a month minimum before flying and not over a year old. And then you also need a micro-chip (300 rmb)…..you provide your flight details and a final health check 7 days before flying. They apply for the paperwork that you will pick up exactly 3 days before flying from a visa place along the Bund. It’s basically a rabies certificate that you pick up. So the timing has to be 7 days and then 3 days to pick it up. I called Air Canada first to ask about bringing the cat in cabin..I heard Luthansia is another good airline though for pets. First you order your ticket, and then you call and an agent will book a ticket for your cat on the same flight. Contact Shenpu pet to find our more They speak English and deal with exportation. But it’s definitely possible to do it all on your own.

Herwig Schiefermüller: Thank you, Melanie, very helpful!

Zhou Lilian: No need to use pet airline service. I import a Persian from U.S. It’s really easy. Persian cat is required to do the health check from local vet, and vet will recommend you to go to local gov to get the checklist for import cat to different country. For China, rabbit vaccine, micro chip and a health report which authorized by gov vet is required. Then you could contact airline to buy a ticket for yourself and reserve a seat for your pet. Not all airline could allow you bring the cat into carbin. I used delta from Seattle to Shanghai. Delta is pet friendly airline. My cat could sit with me, no need to take risk to stay alone in cargo. When you arrived Shanghai airport, submit the documents to local quarantine center. You pet will do 7 days quarantine inspection check, and the release to you. The center is quite clean, don’t worry. All animal could be take care

Christina Mazhara: Hi guys. We are leaving Shanghai. And of course want to take our dog with us back home. But the problem is we will not have a direct flight. Our flight is Shanghai-Beijing-Kiev. We will buy Ukrainian airlines, with China southern . I heard it was a problem between domestic flights. So I want to ask pet relocation company to arrange our dog trip . I was hope it can be around 1000$ . Any advice? I saw a lot of companies buy don’t know which to trust . Help please

Herwig Schiefermüller: Hi, we tool our cats with a connecting flight (Shanghai-Moscow-Brussels) and that was no problem at all.

Christina Mazhara: Did you connect with both companies? We will buy ticket directly from Ukrainian airlines, I worry Chinese side will have a problems. I was thinking just to ask relocation company, because we also fly with infant baby. So I want to have less trouble on my way back home

Herwig Schiefermüller: Our flight was with Aeroflot – one ticket.I would avoid connecting in Beijing at all cost to be honest (even without an animal!). Did you buy one ticket on Ukrainian airlines or two separate ones? If the later, you have to pickup your luggage upon arr…See More