What are good VPN’s for laptop in Shanghai?

Hi.everyone.Which VPN do u guys use now on your laptops.any good recommendation? Thank u very much !

Mark Payne: Do you work for the Chinese government?

Judy Dong: Do I look like a spy here ??

Julio Hoolioh: Judy Dong totally

DrMubeen Arawker: Offer.vpn.sh

Judy Dong: Thx for sharing

Patrick Abbas: My opinion is Astrill

Judy Dong: Thx

Alban Brpr: ExpressVPN is one of the best but a bit expensive. You can get 1 month free with this link http://www.expressrefer.com/refer-friend…

Judy Dong: Thank u so much .i’ll get it

Jay Zen: Astrill for the win.

Tamás Tóth: Vypr vpn or seed (its much cheaper but did not see on apple store yet)

Megan Drysdale: Express VPN.

Mark Stevens: theyre all gonna be banned…..

Dr-jawad Ahmad: This guy is selling best vpn and tv boxes

Mark Stevens: there’s a ton of them on taobao and probably cheaper

Maher Ahsan Siyal: Psiphon

张威: need。i have one ,very fast

David Blench: if you have anything chinese based…it will not work by end feb 2018

David Blench: I will also recommend bvpn. I use it as well as ExpressVPN ( I want to have two just in case) It indeed works very well, but as I am used to Express I find it a little harder to understand (but that could be just me) and I don’t find the support as nice as Express. Although, with bvpn the IT will use team viewer and try to fix problems for you. But, it definitely works and works very well.

Judy Dong: It’s very nice of u for sharing those details.i’m not a spy on Facebook.i just occasionally need VPN to search informations for my studies and works .thank you so much ?

David Blench: I never even thought about “being a spy” LOL. For me, I couldn’t survive without a VPN. I like to be able to use FB and Netflix. That’s it really. I do follow some news but I could probably get the same on Chinese news. I also like to listen to western…See More

Caro De Manama: David Blench and what will happen after feb 2018? Cause we will maybe move to shanghai but if i take a von now and in few month it didn’t work anymore what do you recommand…i am currently community manager it will be to work with social media all day long….???

Judy Dong: Caro De Manama normally those foreign company provides official VPN for their working members in China .

Judy Dong: David Blench I totally agree with u.i could easily find some films or music from you tube while I couldnot find it on Chinese video web

Caro De Manama: Judy Dong i working at home…need to have which von which will work after feb 2018

Judy Dong: Caro De Manama I’ve no idea then.there r many many VPN experts on FB.maybe u’ll get some inspiration soon.good luck

David Blench: Caro De Manama I’ll get back to you later

David Blench: You can read this but there are other articles about by end Feb 2018 china will ban all vpns

Caro De Manama: David Blench ??

Margarida Santos: Vyper vpn

James Lewis: Express vpn

Mark Stevens: itll be interesting to see what happens with vpns, apple have already pulled vpns from their store

Patrick Abbas: They pulled it only from the Chinese store,if you have foreign apple account..there will be no problem to download

Timothy Marsh: Are there any that are just free/cracked somehow?

Mark Stevens: there are……just search on playstore

Mark Stevens: i use lantern on my phone, quite good actually