What is the best television package in Shanghai?

Does anyone have recommendations for the best television packages available. I have been trying to get internet television working but the internet isn’t reliable enugh for the ones I’ve tried. I am willing to look at satellite packages but was wanting iptv so i could use watch the programs when I wanted. Any recommendations welcome.

Rena Victoria Lung: I really have to recommend one of am using …it because i did tried some was totally failed .

Rena Victoria Lung:

Simon Williams: Do I scan that we code into weechat? Thanks btw

Rena Victoria Lung: Yes ,

Simon Williams: Thanks but that takes me straight to a page to pay someone. I don’t even know the deal?

Rena Victoria Lung: It is as the same as my experience in SH , for me I got this information from my friend so when I scan him I didn’t buy immediately from him and I keep checking his information from his wechat ask him a lot questions ..after a month I brought it .. but I did buy some different box before not running really fast.. you can try to do my way

Simon Williams: Rena, thanks for the info but I don’t know how to add this person on weechat? What is their weechat id

Rena Victoria Lung: hi, i check from his WeChat content is : maigehd

Rena Victoria Lung: you better ask him the Qs before buy it because he have some different package ..