How to find a good cancer treatment in Shanghai?

Has anyone had any experience getting cancer treatment here in Shanghai? I have quite a complicated situation and I’m looking for recommendations for clinical oncologists. I’m OK with Chinese hospitals, and I have decent insurance, but I’m wondering if anyone can personally recommend a good doctor.

Kevin Gleeson: Don’t know of any oncologists, just wanted say good luck and I hope for the best whether this situation is specific to you or not. Fuck cancer.

David Daniel: Yeah, the best thing I can say about it is at least it’s me and not someone else who I care about. Thanks.

Mark Stevens: get yourself to Ruijin hospital, quick! excellent hospital and great docs

Ruijin Hospital
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David Daniel: Thanks, Mark

Md Shofiul Azam: fudan medical university has specific hoslital near to Doangan road. its specialised for cancer and have diffrence brance for cancer

Fudan University Shanghai Medical College
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, China

Md Shofiul Azam: Ruijin hospital affilated to Shanghai jiatong university. its also good hospital, near to dapuchiao metro station

Ruijin Hospital
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Shanghai, China

David Daniel: Thank you

David Daniel: Thanks for the recommendations so far, I really appreciate it. I’m quite familiar with SH – I’ve been here for six years – so I know the highly regarded hospitals; I’m really looking for recommendations for specific clinical oncologists.

Md Shofiul Azam: i think , in china no doctor can do private practice outside of hospital. after you go to the hospital, they will recomendation specific doctor for you.

David Daniel: Md Shofiul Azam OK, thanks. Yeah I already had some surgery in a hospital in Hangzhou because I was referred to a specialist surgeon there. They made the plan after I checked in to the hospital, so I’m looking for a similar thing here in SH to deal with radiation/chemotherapy

Md Shofiul Azam: i think u can go fudan cancer instititute. its quite big. everything will be better their.

Fudan University
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Isolde Liu: there’s a hospital specialized in oncology 上海肿瘤医院 I know some of my dad’s friends went there to get treatment. If your insurance is good they should help you make appointment with good doctors in the VIP floor?

David Daniel: Yes, this one’s on my list, thank you!

Nacho Berlín: You better talk first with your insurance about the budget

David Daniel: Yeah, that’s all sorted, thanks.

Shane Vey: First and foremost, I wish you the best of luck, thoughts to you. My colleagues have chosen Hong Kong and Singapore for care.

David Daniel: Thanks, Shane. I’ll be without passport for a while for my visa renewal and I’m kind of tied down by job/mortgage, otherwise I might give it a go

Shane Vey: Best of luck!!

Alice Song: Wish u will be ok , wish someone will recommend nice hospital for u ! Bless for u , David

Yoon Yoon: Good luck

江昂: 你可以來台灣看看! 台灣醫療全世界最便宜,癌症要看什麼疾病!

Yoanna Cheng: If you don’t mind to let me know your medical history. I might can help you to find some doctors in Shanghai. Cuz I know some oncologist. They probably can help.

David Daniel: Hi Yoanna, thanks, I really appreciate it. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a surgeon, so I’ll see how that goes and then get back to you.

Yoanna Cheng: David Daniel No problem. Just let me know and wish you luck!!

David Daniel: Had a load more scans in Fudan Tumour hospital. They’ll discuss my case on Monday and I’ll go back to see what their opinion is about the right treatment. I already know what I want to happen (I’m trying to avoid some really major surgery by having radiation treatment) but if they say they’re not able to do that I’ll send you the details for a 2nd opinion from your contact. Thanks again ?

Fudan University
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Jingyan Wang: I know someone in 上海肺科医院

David Daniel: Hello. Thanks for the offer of help! My lungs are OK (for now, anyway!) but I appreciate your message

Marlen Behrend: Please just go home!! I lived in SH for 7 years, I‘ve got wrong diagnoses twice..,unfortunatly it’s all about earning money there.

David Daniel: Sorry to hear about your bad experiences with wrong diagnoses. It’s a little complicated for me, because my whole life is here ~ wife, job, mortgage. If I go back to the UK I might end up on a long waiting list with no choices about the treatment. I’ve…See More