What is the best way to buy a second hand scooter in Shanghai?

Hi all, I’m moving to SH in a few weeks, pretty excited!! I’m wondering what’s the best way for me to buy a second hand scooter/moped? Thanks in advance!!

Easton Keller: When u get there, ask expats there to add you into those second hand buy and sell wechat groups.

Esmeralda Osborne: Thanks! Is that something I could be added to already?

Easton Keller: Let’s see if someone who is on the website see this posting. I moved out of china so I deleted myself out from those groups already

Nicholas Marsh: use app 转转 (Chinese)

Isabel Wood: never buy second hand ?

Brady Page: wxw1447227930- this is our scooter guys Wechat is. He is great & will deliver to where you live. In all we have bought 6 scooters from him

Morgan Hale: Do like many of the locals do and just take one that doesn’t have a lock…

Esmeralda Osborne: Yeah I heard about that hence me looking for a 2nd hand vs brand new

Morgan Hale: Good idea. I had a friend get two bikes stolen. He installed a GPS tracker in his last one.

Bryce Moran: Carrefour sells new, but crappy Chinese scooters, for about $500 USD.

Dylan Long: You wouldn’t need that, brand-new ones at the scooter shops are averagely under RMB3000

Jade Jones: I’ve just went through that same process as you’re about to do, and ended up getting myself a brand new one, legally registered for 2500 cny. Reason was I wanted to ensure that all paperwork were correct, and that scooter was registered correctly. My take, after responding to several second hand offers, was that 1) maaaany if the scooters are actually not registered = illegal = your risk, and you might be good with that, but I was not. 2) if you get hands on a legal one, the discount from buying a brand new isn’t much enough to make it worth the risk. If you anyhow want to go with second hand, Shanghai buy and sell, and “used stuff for sale” here on Facebook is good groups, as well as Shanghai Craigslist and Smarshanghai buy and sell websites. I ended up with a brand new from a store about 200meters from where I live, and that also means great service for me in case I run into problems. Happy scooter hunting!

Raelyn Black: 下载一个闲鱼