Where are the massage places in central Shanghai, Puxi side?

Hi, any recommendations on massage places in central shanghai Puxi side?

Rachelle Inchina:

Dragonfly always safest best and consistent, especially if new to city. They are everywhere.

Vianna Ohana: thanks, we’ll try it out tonight! 🙂

Bernard Vinckier: Zen massage has special promo. Buy 1, 1 free in wuding / changhua lu! Only wuding branch has this promo in feb!

Wahab Wahidi Wahidi: In nanjing lu have very good massage?

Vianna Ohana: what’s the name and the address Wähäb Wahidi?:)

Vianna Ohana: We got a tip on a massage chain with a golden (or yellow) horse logo – does anybody know the name of that chain and if it’s recommendable?

Gracie Kan Zimmermann: Citron massage on xin le lu, dong hu lu crossing