How to find a free browser to access facebook or youtube in Shanghai?

Anyone have a recommendation or link of a free browser to access facebook/youtube etc..? I was using XSkyWalker Chrome browser for awhile which worked great, but I lost it and I’m not able to find or download it again. thanks

Anis Jerfel: Just download a VPN

Melanie Pierluigi: I use a VPN also but sometimes It doesn’t work and the free browser I was using previously actually worked better than my VPN

Anis Jerfel: Well it depend the vpn u using. If free ones , of corse they are slow and sometimes doesnt work. If u pay for , it works well

Melanie Pierluigi: I use VyprVPN $99 a year…expensive. Actually my connection is so slow my VPN sometimes doesn’t connect..then I need a free browser as ‘alternative’ Xskywalker was amazing..I just can’t figure out how to download it again

Anis Jerfel: I just found it in appstore

Andreea Grigorescu: well.she couldn’t download it from the app store..since she doesnt have a vpn to open the paystore 😀 unless its the chinese one..

Ahsan Durrani: proxy

Anis Jerfel: Yup should be @andreea

Melanie Pierluigi: checking it out now

Aawrish Khan: Download shadowsocks.

Brandon Van Blommestein: Express vpn

Werner Carstens: Astrill

Peter De Graef: Anything shared here will be GCFW soon, follow the whispers!

Melanie Pierluigi: Webfreer is working alright…similar to the one I had before. I was able to download Xskywalker app on my phone but not opening properly.

Sohil Paudel: U can download XSkyWalker again from this site:

0678网络趣闻 酷站分享

Matt Ferguson: You must pay $ for a VPN to get at Youtube, Facebook, etc. Even with a VPN the monkeys-that-be here are messing with the Internet.

Wahab Wahidi Wahidi: You want it for your laptop or Iphone?

Guy Penford: How about i come to your house and give you eberything?

Guy Penford: Fuck them before they fuck you.

Guy Penford: haha. thats a good one.

Matt Ferguson: Astril works (or DID) OK, but the Monkeys have fucked with the Internet so deeply here recently that even with a VPN I’m continuously getting redirects and 404, 403 errors. FORGET easy access to your favourite SPICEY website, it’ll almost surely be unavailable. Do your business here and get out. Amen.

Guy Penford: So, we should have sex and get out?

Matt Ferguson: ExACTly.

Manoj Odunghat: Melanie Pierluigi, if you’re using China Telecom, they throttle the speed for overseas net connections which leads to your VPN giving really slow speeds and also disconnecting frequently. Call 10000 and ask them for upgrading your connection to VIP connection, the cost if 50 RMB per month. This works like a charm when coupled with a quality VPN like StrongVPN who has a special PPTP pack for as low as $55/year. It’s worth every penny you pay.

MD Nahid Azad: webfreer or freegate?

Guy Penford: astrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Ferguson: You get what you pay for if it’s free. A FREE Chinese government approved VPN??? No backdoors leading DIRECTLY to the Chinese Thought Police? PuLEEZE!!! Let us know how that goes.

Guy Penford: astrill has updated its system beyond the firewall.

Matt Ferguson: When? This morning? I still (today) have gotten redirects, 403’s and 404’s.

Matt Ferguson: Denial of Service crap, etc.

Matt Ferguson: Maybe. Not that I hope to be here long enough to savour the FREEDOM of the WWW outside Big Red.

Guy Penford: If you have gay sex you will feel free;

Matt Ferguson: If I’m here that long that I require another VPN, you may come shoot me.

Guy Penford: astrll works great for me.

Guy Penford: Its faster than australia maybe.

Guy Penford: Christian Geyer, if you are up for it, then if you slam your penis in a door then the internet works well/

Guy Penford: Being useless is my forte. Thanks.

Guy Penford: But, to be fair I have been used before.

Guy Penford: I am just a dude making fun. Try not to read too much into it.

Thommi Gross: you can use browser webfreer or use proxy freegate. this you can use with each browser.

Zainab Noorain: We use securitales dashboard… Its around 250 yauns for half an yearyear n its working great without any disturbance.

Steve Samuel Guei: I sell vpn

Ali Shahzad Mughal: Before I use webfreer. But now it is also not working. Kindly if some one know Plz tell me

Melanie Pierluigi: Xskywalker is similar to Webfreer and worked perfect for me without a VPN and it was free. I never had any issues. But the links to download it no longer seem to work. The only reason I no longer have it is because I had to replace my HDD and reinstall my programs