Where to find a Chinese language teacher and a new Ayi in Shanghai?

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a new Chinese language teacher and a new Ayi – any recommendations/suggestions?

Manuel Hervas: Tianfu Wang this might interest you šŸ™‚

Maria Solis: i don’t know about the ayi but for chinese this ppl are great https://www.ltl-shanghai.com

Kevin Bucher: Take my wechat i know a experienced chineses teacher. Kevinju92

Nic Brauer: added

Charlie He: Are you in Shanghai?

Nic Brauer: yes

Alejandro Espinoza: I can reccomend you my chinese teacher, Her name is Christine. You can adde her on wechat. Her Wechat is liyuan_dalian

Skywater Go On: I’m a Chinese person and live in Shanghai.I want to improve my English skill. We can learn from each other.My wechat: Greeklifestyle

å­Ÿčƒ: Iā€˜d like to teach you Chinese.

Skywater Go On: This wechat group help people learn different language and culture from each other: when east meet west