Where to find a veterinarian near Zhongshan Park in Shanghai?

Can anyone recommend a vet I live near Zhongshan Park my puppy got bit by another dog and needs stitches

Aria Tonini: St. Anthony, PAWS, Beck and Stone

Alejandro Milan: Teach your dog to defend itself and fighting other dogs. Not need stitches such small wound

Diego Cruz: If your not going to help then shut the fuck up you spick

Eon Oxa: Wow ?

Shane Vey: Beck and Stone is very close

Shane Vey: Call 400 103 8686

Tony DePrato: Beck and Stone Cold are the best they have emergency service one stop away from you

Kevin Kim: did the dog that bit have an owner?

Diego Cruz: Yeah it was some Chinese guy

Herwig Schiefermüller: Also recommend St. Anthony, very nice people and reasonable prices.

Andrea Stegert: We’ve used Beck and Stone as well. They are very kind and gentle with our animals.

Asim Amjad: My dog’s been bit about seven times by now. Probably because he looks strange to other dogs. I feel for you! There’s a place called pets home on changde lu. I don’t know if it’s convenient for you but they have great vets there.

Asim Amjad: 1022 Changde Lu, near Yuyao Lu常德路1022号, 近余姚路Phone 6226 6112

Thomas Chabrieres: My dog had the same. Don t stitch, disinfect, cut hair around wound and protect it. Clean every 24h.

Diego Cruz: For those who helped thank you very much

Chua CH: Download “dianpin ” app you could allocate any shop you wish

Thomas Chabrieres: How s your dog doing?

Diego Cruz: He’s good thanks for asking I took your advice and just kept it clean use alcohol to clean it and put antibiotic ointment it’s looking good

Thomas Chabrieres: Great! I m not a vet, you should go have him checked to avoid infections. Mine got a few shots to avoid this.