Where to find a cozy 8-hours stay at HongKong Airport over night?

Hey guys, do you have any recommendations for a cozy 8-hours stay at HongKong Airport over night?

Lei Zhang: sorrry ,it is mistake. you can go to look at movie for 8hours

Mark Payne: Check to see if they have ‘sleep capsules’. I was recently at Munich airport and they had them there, although that was in the transit area.

Noreen Schneider: I already checked but they do not have =(

Shane Vey: They do, go to VIP lounge. Includes buffet but that’s taken over by mainland tourists

Noreen Schneider: I would just like to have a silent place, don’t like to pay much money for a lounge entrance for a few hours.

Shane Vey: Yes it’s very expensive… but they have private rooms

Shane Vey: https://www.hongkongairport.com/…/shower-pay-in-lounge…

Passenger Guide – Arrivals – Shower and Pay-in Lounge – Hong Kong International Airport

Fernando Ramos G: Hi there, there are couple of hotels in the airport plus rest areas with reclining stretchers ( a bit hide in the terminal, you should ask) also free internet in the entire Airport

Noreen Schneider: I heard that people in the airport will not be very kind in helping you finding this rest areas (beside the expensive Lounges)

Fernando Ramos G: Noreen Schneider hehe it depends at what time I guess…. fthe rest areas are at the principal gates area going downstairs

Fernando Ramos G: probably you will find an entire family sleeping and keeping the free places for more family coming

Noreen Schneider: We will arrive at midnight and need a place for about 8 hours..

John Paul: I can lend my shoulder if you don’t mind.

Noreen Schneider: Haha thx =D

John Paul: You are welcome, Have a good sleep.:-)

Will Kennedy: I know this one— there’s an in airport lounge, where an Indian hockey star works (ask him about this and he will let you stay longer than the allotted 4 hours- there’s all you can eat and drink bar, and sofas to sleep on and showers- it’s literally in the airport.

Will Kennedy:

Will Kennedy: Good memories after arrival from Qatar… Stay here

Brian Musson: Qantas lounge if you’re flying with them ! Relax and proceed to eat and drink to your hearts content!

Kundan Kumar: fully charged ipad… thats what you need

Stu Reid: Regal hotel is inside the airport

Matt Ferguson: Cozy…… 8 hrs at the airport……HAHA YOU FUNNY!!! DUH!!!

Philip Lee: Check into Plaza Premium Lounge. They have limited sleeping rooms but the lounge it self is quite comfortable. With AMEX Card you may get FREE use of the lounge n snacks are provided. Enjoy ?

Anna Putina: take a bus to discovery bay (30 minutes), walk around, enjoy the nature, coffee shops and cafes. and go back to the airport in 6 hours.

Ruben Vilar: there is an imax xD

Don Nole: Honestly, I would just stay at the airport….. it’s like a mall. There are great restaurants and shopping there, you can kill eight hours quite easily. The airport is pretty far from both Hongkong and Kowloon, although there is a train that takes you there, you’re pretty much at least one hour away from anything.

Noreen Schneider: I heard that during the night many shops are closed and its not that great there =D

Philip Lee: Well, it all depends on the time in the night. Most restaurants are closed and so are the pubs. Lang Kwai Fong may also be deserted if it is not on Fri or Sat nights.

Don Nole: Well, if you take the train to Kowloon, you’re still a taxi ride away from anything. If you go to the island, you’re more in the center of things….. you might be able to go to Victoria’s Peak or something like that. The airport really is super nice, but I don’t know about working hours of the stores.

Ben Zou: Just leave ur luggage in the airport n go to Lan Kwaii Fong

Will Kennedy: Lol

Chanse.Zhong Wen: go restaurant for dim sum!

Andrea A. Montaño Iriarte: Plaza Premiun Lounge

Taz Quamar: Crack cocaine 🙂

Tony Cai: Shopping ?

Chanse.Zhong Wen: the Wings is the best lounge there