Where to find good quality Whey Protein in Shanghai?

Can anyone recommend any ways to get good quality whey protein in Shanghai without paying mega bucks please? 🙂

Péter Ligeti: http://search.jd.com/Search…

gold standard whey – 商品搜索 – 京东

Paul Verona: Yeh bro.. eggs ..hahaha

Sean Young: Haha! Eggs aren’t whey, but cheers for the advice anyway!

Marike Roberts: Pm me! I’ve know 🙂

Geoff Wright: Isn’t it whs hardcore that sell it in Shanghai ? www.facebook.com/whshardcore

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Jeff Schindel: Taobao. Should be less than 400 for a 2.27kg tub. You can also get a micellar casein or other decent protein if you don’t want to waste money on whey (which is kind of junk imho)

Mark Ma: 复制这条信息,打开?手机淘宝?即可看到【Met-rx美瑞克斯超效乳清蛋白粉5磅健身减脂塑型增肌粉进口重2260g】¥AAGAZkCI¥http://tmqd.me/h.ZdSxOz?cv=AAGAZkCI&sm=24baa4

Dustón McCreary: Chocolate milk

Sean Young: You mean whey protein chocolate milk?! Like i say, just looking for whey, ideally in powder form, but either way thanks for the advice!

Dustón McCreary: Sean Young Not as good as high quality whey powders, but chocolate milk is actually one of the best alternatives when needed.

Sebastian Sto: I bought 2 boxes at GNC for ~500 in raffles city – super expensive but ok product and the have currently but one get one free.

Sean Young: cheers for the heads up mate (y)

Kryn Sporry: I’m sure you can find a melamine equivalent at a fraction of the cost…

Logan Hudak: World Health Store

Danilo Delos Santos Jr.: I got mine from Taobao verified store. Shipped from HK, pretty decent price. If you can order via taobao, i can pm you the link

Sean Young: Please do mate, will get a colleague to help ??

Dustón McCreary: Most of your western health related goods you will come from Hong Kong. You can use Taobao or Alibaba.

Yuri Drubetsky: If you can read Chinese – taobao is a great option! If you can’t – ask someone Chinese to help you. They have verified stores with absolutely normal prices for these goods (in China). I bought Muscletech Mass Gainer for 460¥ (3.18 kg), it comes with a nice shaker and Muscletech workout tank. In Hong Kong I’ve seen it for 320$ though.