Where to go for shopping in Shanghai?

Hi everybody, any good recommendation for a place to go shopping in Shanghai ? Thank you

张威: Longemont Shopingmall,ZhongShan park

Jill Ashton: Easy Nanjing for name brand and also west Nanjing

Chino Lavares: Xintiandi and the surrounding areas of Huangpu District. My favourite spot!

Moe French: Line 2, Science and technology museum station, but u will need to baragin. And there’s another one.at west Nanjing road

Daniel Flipse: Taobao

Salim Murat Bağci: Go to the south shanghai railway station , there have many factory shops..

Zhu Zhu: There are many places to buy things. What do you want to buy?

Jinglun Zheng: ipam

Kelly Kirk: yes… if you wanna spend SO much money!

Kelly Kirk: There are some awesome stores scattered around town that are without a name. They’re just like glass walls in the front and then a glass door and they have just racks and racks of random stuff that didn’t sell other places, and often times a lot of it is super on sale. that’s where i buy most of my clothes (and uniqlo for basics)

Kelly Kirk: I can give you more info if you want… just send me a PM and i’ll give you the location for at least one of them (but really, once you’ve seen one of them, you’ll notice them evertywhere)

Estefania Gonzalez: Thank you

Akiyama Hirotaka: http://www.hichinatrip.com/index…/Home/Strategy/content… here’s guidebook of Shanghai free to download~


chris pc: Beijing Capital definitely does not suck compared to pretty much any other Chinese airport and if you disagree then you just don’t know where to go when you are there. And if this is about delays… that’s not about the airport.

Akiyama Hirotaka: chris pc ei….. i don’t know why is this shortcut…..

Akiyama Hirotaka: chris pc but actually it is a digital guidebook

Sam Beny: Bailing Plaza at dali an road. It depend on what do you want

Michael Stephen Rowe: Yes my ESTATE shoe shops in LAvenue and Isetan on Nanjing Road!

Abdou Sa: Lajazuia and the Super Brand Mall is the best place and all the malls in Nanjing Road, Shanghai Joy City mall in the 1st exit of Qufu metro Station

Claudio Lopez: Anda al Science and Technology Museum, fake market jaja solo paga 1/3 de lo que te pidan, tenes que regatear bastante

Claudio Lopez: Despues se vuelve un deporte ver hasta cuando podes bajar

Estefania Gonzalez: Si, claro que he ido. Pero no tienen mucha ropa

Claudio Lopez: En eso tenes razon.. Nanjing road fijo entonces

Claudio Lopez: Bueniiisimas ofertas, sino, en Nanjing Road hay bastantes tiendas como American Eagle, Gap, etc

Jenny Ye: Nanjing Road definitely!

Zhu Zhu: 还有淮海路类…

Jenny Ye: You would go Xintiandi as there are activities and ambiance for Christmas and thanksgiving

Norman Scobie: Fake market @ Shanghai science and technology museum. Go ready to haggle

Jiang Lumiere: Quip road market,if you want,i can show you around