Where to look for iPhone screen repair in Shanghai?

Hello! So I dropped my phone (again) and broke the screen (again). Do you have a recommendation on where to have it fixed in Shanghai? Apple Store is good, but not the cheapest/fastest option. I have an old iPhone 6, if it can help. Thanks!

Aimée Faith Wilkinson: iPlay…. it’s in Pudong near Shangcheng Road Metro station. They also speak English


Jingyan Wang: I got a really cheap place. Near ChengHuang Temple.

Jingyan Wang: 文庙路180号(近学宫街)No.180 WenMiao Rd.(At the intersection of Wenmiao Rd. and Xuegong Street, next to a pet shop.) Take Line8/10 to LaoXimen Exit7

Laoximen Station

Tamás Tóth: Shanghai Railway station gold building