Which Android apps I can use to survive in Shanghai?

Ni hao. Hello everyone. I’ll be in Shanghai next week and stay for 2 months. I can’t speak nor read Chinese language. Do you guys have any recommendation for which Android apps I can use to survive(!) or ask simple questions like shopping, ask for direction or bus line to take? If there is any Google maps and Grab/Uber alternatives, it would be great. Tks a lot 🙂

Noreen Schneider: send you a pm

Kelly Kirk: download the shanghai metro app

Chris Sillitoe: Get the Hi Shanghai app. I’ve used it for years, its very good..

Melissa Vaughn: They just took uber away from us english speakers 🙁 but there are many apps that tell you shanghai metro like Transit sh. I use smart places to show taxi drivers addresses or names of places. Smart shanghai has directory and events.

Nkanyiso Stigga Mlotshwa: Why is it that I can still use my uber , yet others can’t ?

Melissa Vaughn: Idk but you’re lucky. Don’t update the app though I’m sure that’ll cut you off.

Nkanyiso Stigga Mlotshwa: Yeah you’re probably right ?

Huy Le: tks all. I’m wondering how u guys are using Facebook. Any free VPN? 😀 . I’m about to download Hotspot shield

Shannon GL: betternet vpn

Navas Vengalath: Hotspotsheild is not a good choice. …try astrill, vypr vpn or express vpn

Jonaki Biswas: Astrill. Or open door when as trill isn’t working

Chris Sillitoe: Express VPN is the best, i use it every trip no problems at all..

Chris Sillitoe: Sorry, that is a paid one, but its not expensive

Huy Le: tks Chris. I just need a free one to check Facebook sometimes. Hope that Hotspot can do its job. 😀

Dee Foster: Microsoft translator i find v useful. No VPN required

Andreas Innocenti Fischer: App: ChineseSkill

Huy Le: So true :))

Heiko Dawei Yeh: hanping camera + hanping pro

Chino Lavares: SmartShanghai for overall survival in Shanghai. Language problems? Not a big problem because Shanghai is China’s leading city with the highest English proficiency level. Have a copy of the hotel name in Chinese to present when taking a taxi. Just don’t talk to the elderly as they won’t be able to understand you. Some shopping reminders: HAGGLE

Arturo Veve: Pleco free dictionary; character recognition application

Sarah-Jayne Robinson: Get the Smart Shanghai APP. Its search engine will find all the popular restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations and provide a map, contact details and best of all LARGE FONT translation to show to taxi drivers.

Chris Chen: also highly recommend buying the pleco add on which allows instant translation through pictures. Alot better then the google translate version

Jack Makena: lots of people in Shanghai can speak English

Daniele Bozzi: Pleco all the way

Ning Qiu: Wechat is used most common and often in China and u could copy pace any massage it will transmet to mandarin. But don’t be surprise that most of the time, it doesn’t make direct sense. U need to guess and imagine a little… ?? Otherwise, Baidu is like google in China.

Salim Murat Bağci: You need metro map + vpn , thats all