Who are some of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine healers or doctors in Shanghai?

Hey guys.Who are some of the best Traditional Chine Medicine healers/doctors in Shanghai? Have you ever had experience with any or heard?

Monica Chen: I know a good doctor and I go to see the doctor twice a month. But it depends on what kind of your problem.

Eldaniz NasibliEldaniz: I mean who are well-known acupuncturists in Shanghai? Those who are pro and everybody knows those doctors

Martin Xu: Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.No274 Middle Zhijiang Road Jingan district.near Middle Xizang Road station(Line8)

Eldaniz NasibliEldaniz: Thank you

Eldaniz NasibliEldaniz: Have you been there before?

Martin XuMartin: Eldaniz Nasibli You can also find some private clinics.

Martin XuMartin: Eldaniz Nasibli No,? there is a big hospital near my house.

Eldaniz NasibliEldaniz: Martin Xu Can I message you?

Martin XuMartin!: Eldaniz Nasibli Yep.But I am working hard on my English

Eldaniz NasibliEldaniz: Martin Xu It is okay ?

Rachel Chua: Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC) www.seimc.com.cn has TCM and Dr. Eva Zhang is a third-generation TCM practitioner. She can speak English and well-known in the expatriate community as well. She even provides TCM courses to expatriates. Feel free to check out her bio below or contact 5879-9999