What is the best internet connection in Shanghai?

Good day everyone We are going to Shanghai in August and I am doing some research about internet for home use. I read that the speed is not the best. What speed is “not the best”? But I also read about the 1Gbps fibre that will be in Shanghai. Can someone please give some advice regarding home internet(wifi). Price,(unlimited) best server etc. Kind regards

Mi Ke: Sure , we will compile a detailed survey incl a list where you can order conveniently and comparison of net speed / location , plus convenient payment methods

Steven Craig: Mi Ke please share as I am also moving in Aug

Jennifer Hasche: TEK Shanghai

Lee Shih Yu: I am “China mobile fiber” user, its free if you guaranteed your mobile number cost ¥180+/monthly. bandwidth is 50M but reliable.

Martin XuMartin: In China,the 1Gbps fibre is only used on main line.The brunch line is used to connect with main line to community and apartments.One apartment shares several switches.So the speed of internet is not very fast.

Martin XuMartin: The fastest speed in Shanghai is 200Mbps

Derek Botha: So what speed are there in Pudong and Hangkou?

Martin XuMartin: 200Mbps is the fastest.Depending on the price.This is the price of China Telecom.

Derek Botha: Thank you. Is that the price per year? And is it unlimited internet?

Martin XuMartin: Derek Botha Yes

Sean Pan: Go with China Telecom… start with 8 or 20mbs package.

Derek Botha: Why not faster?

Mayle Shen: for biz? or personal?

Derek Botha: Personal

Bryan James: internet here sucks, go for the fastest possible. but dont expect a true 200 speed… not even close.