Can a laptop work properly in America if it was bought in China?

Has anyone bought a laptop in China and taken it back to america? Thinking of buying one but I am a little worried that it will not work properly.

Kalani Hopkins: It will, but you need to have the professional edition of windows installed… otherwise, the language packs won’t work… you’ll also need a new power adapter

Adelaide Cross: Do i ask them for the professional version if buying on Taobao or Tmall?

Kalani Hopkins: Adelaide Cross: some will accommodate that, but most will not have access to it. I used an IT friend to have it installed

Adelaide Cross: Ok. Thank you for the info. Did it cost a lot.

Kalani Hopkins: Adelaide Cross: lol, I was lucky – I got it for free… but I don’t think it costs too much

Adelaide Cross: Ok. Thanks aga8n

Aylin Butler: You can pay them to install an English version for additional charge

Adrianna Stevenson: If you wanna buy an American brand comp you’ll prob overpay. So here’s that. I did buy Lenovo which is great I asked them to download wind 10 in English which they did but it was an illegal key. ask them for legal original windows 10. Don’t buy from “authorized shops” unless their website states that.

Paris Daniel: Also battery charger might not work right. You can get plug converter but I suggest buying USA charger for the computer when you get home.

Alicia Welch: Sorry, it’s not going to work at all. I think your best bet is to give it to me….

Finley Reese: My work laptop works fine in the US with a US power cord.

Finley Reese: I have a Surface Pro and it was fine. Our son also took home a Macbook

Jayceon Christensen: simply make sure it has a charger that has power 110-220 stamped on it and it will be fine…I haven’t seen one that will not work globally in China if you stick to a global brand like Apple or Lenova

Aylin Butler: Only issue you’ll have is with the power cable. Buy a replacement when you return to America.

Londyn Spencer: Just order it online or buy one from Hong Kong

Sawyer Dean: If you buy a laptop online, do NOT buy from taobao. Buy electronics like computers and cell phones from JD. They are more likely to help you on there with any requests and, since JD is designed like amazon, actually handles accountability better than taobao.