How to use ICBC Card from Shanghai in Berlin?

I’m going to Berlin in a couple of days, and was wondering whether I could use my ICBC card there. Some people told me I could get euros from the ATMs that have the sign “UnionPay”, however, I would like to check with you just to make sure. Any help much appreciated

Emerson Brady: In my case I haven’t been able to withdraw money with the ICBC union pay debit card in most countries, for this there is a union pay credit card and with that is that I’ve been able to do it, otherwise advise to bring euros just in case

Luke Turner: I couldn’t use it when I was in Zurich ?

River Mcgee: I had used my ICBC in Malaysia ?? maldives ?? Sri Lanka ?? and UAE ?? . But the amount was too limited example in Maldives I could withdraw only 2000 MVR a day which equal to USD140 , you need to inform your bank before living china , at which country you are going to use the card and you have to specify the dates , example : I’m going to use my card in Malaysia from July to September, the bank will unlock your international transactions and you will be able to use it normally . I have a credit card from bank of china witch allow me up to RMB20,000 per month overseas withdrawal, but the amount per transactions depend on the country and Bank ATM , you still have to do same process to inform your bank about the destination and duration where you will be using the card .

River Mcgee: And by the way , try to find international banks ATM like standard chartered, HSBC or Citi bank , they usually allow bigger amount of withdrawals.

Oscar Doyle: I’ve used my ICBC card in ATM’s in NZ, Italy, and Germany with no problems. It’s a standard debit card. But I did tell my bank that I needed a card that could be used overseas when I opened my account.

River Mcgee: Exactly, this is what I do before traveling

Oscar Doyle: Nedal when I opened my account years ago, I told them I frequently travel outside and needed a card I could use overseas regularly. They set it up then, but I don’t have to inform them each time I go out. Check with your branch, they might be able to set yours up to be permanently ‘unlocked’ also.

River Mcgee: Oscar Doyle: I think this restriction good for our money security.

Oscar Doyle: It doesn’t affect money security, it just means that I don’t have to go and inform the bank every time I’m going out of the country. My card works overseas each time without having to visit the bank, much more convenient.

River Mcgee: Oscar Doyle: it’s just a phone call , no need to visit the bank , and it is sure for security, in case someone hacked your card details and use it in another country, there are millions of such cases recently, Hackers Are printing new cards and using it for online and cash withdrawals , have a look at this article
UAE resident alert: Beware of these credit card frauds – Khaleej Times

Camille Hernandez: I live in Berlin…. My ICBC card does not have a magnetic code.

Amelia Pratt::

Amelia Pratt: If your card does not have a magnetic strip it will not work. You need ask ICBC to validate it for overseas use. Then it may not work

Camille Hernandez: I agree

Aleena Lewis: I’ve used my ICBC Unionpay card in Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia. I’m pretty sure I activated it for international use at some point. I wouldn’t rely on it as my only source of money while travelling though, especially in Europe (would probably be difficult/impossible to solve from abroad if you find it doesn’t work).

April Hardy: In some european capitales you may find a ICBC, so you can withdraw cash for your trip.Union Pay is like no existing, about Berlin, I dont know if there is a Chinese district with some chinese bank. Maybe at the airport ..

River Mcgee: it doesn’t matter what is the card union pay or visa or whatever , i am using my debit union pay ICBC since past 10 years in many country . you only have to inform the bank for specific country you want to use or globally .

Richard Richardson: Go to a “Sparkasse” they 9/10 times accept union pay at their ATMs

Jazlyn Horton: how much is the withdraw fee?

Aleena Lewis: I don’t know whether it depends on the account, but for me there’s an ATM fee of 1% of the total and a cross-border fee of 12 CNY, So withdrawing 4000 CNY costs 52 CNY, for example. Plus whatever markup they apply to the exchange rate (which usually seems quite close to the mid-market rate from Google, but I haven’t really checked).

Jazlyn Horton: little bit high, why not just use visa card or Mastercard

Aleena Lewis: I do, but their fees are actually higher for many European banks (for example, the fee above is less than half of that charged by my UK bank, even ignoring the exchange rate markup, which is also higher). Plus if you have money in an ICBC account and can only use Unionpay, how would you use visa/mastercard? I don’t get your question.

Luciana Maxwell: U need a CC

Oscar Doyle: No you don’t

Aurora Ellis: Sparkasse is correct. They accept the card without magnetic stripe. Anywehre else the card will probably not work. A friend just told me he paid 49rmb for 500euro.