Where to look for any western chiropractors in Shanghai?

Y’all know of any western chiropractors; not in a hospital? In need of an adjustment.

Sarah Wilkins: Check out Body and Soul Clinic (puxi and Pudong locations)

Bryson Ross: 太和中医正骨 Wechat: zhenggu360, located around Zhobgshan park (private practitioner, not a hospital)

Damien Rios: Dr. Alan at Revita Clinic at Laoximen. I have the his wechat if you’d like.

Kinsley Hicks: That would be awesome, thanks!

Damien Rios: DrAlanDeng is his ID!

Dr. Alan Deng
4.3 ★ · Doctor
Shanghai, China

Kinsley Hicks: Thanks!

Milo Andrews: Alex at The Clinic Jiashan road

Hanna Klein: Leighton Greer: best ostheopathe in Shanghai !!

Leighton Greer: Tks stephane

Henley Sharp: Achiro is located in Minhang district

Henley Sharp::

Leighton Greer: Christoper pm me if you need