How to be ready for my first flight to Shanghai?

Hey guys! As I get ready to take on my first flight overseas in August, what are some helpful tips being in a plane for soooo long. I saw this video about what happens to your body while on plane for more than 3 hours and it scared the daylights out of me! Lol

Sloane Jenkins: Ambien, ear plugs, and blindfold

Sloane Jenkins: Physicians are used to prescribing Ambien for long flights. Take it the weekend prior to adjust to it. Drink a lot of water, moisturize onboard, Vaseline your lips

Eden Cortez: Drink water and walk around

Rebecca Howell: Compression socks as many people will want to walk around.

Brielle Rogers: I bring a change of clothes. If you are flying an Asian airlines, it’ll be very warm. So I wear sport shorts and a T-shirt for the flight and change back to normal prior to landing.

Gael Watts: I suggest fly in mornings , because if you don’t sleep in night and take a midnight flight , you will suffer from Jetlag and may get sick after the flight.

Liliana Caldwell: Easy. Thousands of people fly everyday and you’re just one of them. Don’t worry.If it’s a long flight and you fly with a decent airline they will have free alcohol. During and after the lunch ask for enough alcohol to get you slightly tipsy (don’t be drunk on a flight!), then refresh yourself with the tools of your choice (refreshing tissues, hand cleaner, brush your teeth, etc.), get into a hoodie which is one size too big, wear earplugs and a blindfold, wear the hood and close it over your face.

Then have a nice round of sleep in your cozy human tent.It definitely helps to bring a pillow. I use a deflatable one, since I can control the hardness easily and it fits it in my small bag – yeah, remember you can have a quite big backpack AND an additional handbag with you in the plane. Make good use of it and pack everything you might need: Even if you won’t actually use it, it will relax you to know you have everything around.

Try to wake up before they serve the second meal shortly before landing. That way you can use the toilet before it is too crowded. Refresh yourself again and wait until they serve the food. Then after the meal brush your teeth (try to be among the first ones done with the meal, because after the meal there won’t be much time anymore before landing procedure starts and a lot of people want to “get ready” before landing.)That way you will feel rather refreshed than destroyed, after a long flight.

Pro-Tip: If you can, order a special needs menu since they will usually be served before the regular other menus and you will finish earlier.

Pro-Tip II: If you can fall asleep easily you don’t need to drink alcohol. It’s actually bad on a flight since it will dehydrate you faster and the most important thing is to stay hydrated. (Hand creme, lip balm, eye drops, nasal spray, face liquid will quickly restore your normal status after walking up, which is important to not feel bad). You can ALWAYS call the personnel to give you something to drink or walk around and find the snack bar with several drink options.

Pro-Tip III: Be tired, even if it means to do some sports beforehand or skip sleep one time. One of the worst things I experienced during flights is the inability to fall asleep. 12 Hours can be very long and you will get tired anyway, but it’s better to fall asleep early than too late.

Max Green: I’m an ex-flight attendant, bring … socks, eye-shades, earplugs, own water bottle (ask the crew to refill), snacks, avoid alcohol & caffeine if you don’t want swollen legs (not everyone is susceptible), toothbrush. Phone charger, some downloaded netflix movies/episodes if you want & a book. A neck-pillow if you like…I travelled from here to Trinidad, it took 46hrs… those things make a difference. Travel with 1 hand-luggage you can put under your seat instead of overhead compartments, & get an isle seat or window … window is good to sleep, isle is good to get up & walk around. Happy flying ?

Max Green: Comfy clothes! Yoga pants trainers & hoodies … it may get cold on aircraft

Ryder Sherman: – loose pants, no tight jeans- hoodie as some planes get cold and you can use it as extra cover for eyes if you want to nap- drink water or juices not too much tea coffee or alcohol- take emergency exit seat so you can stretch- you can walk around and stretch a bit – walk in the airport don’t sit- if you sit for a long time you can still move your feet around or lift yr knees a bit

Jennifer Grant: it’s just a flight, take it easy. wear comfortable clothes, don’t get smashed and make sure you have a few good movies or a good book, that’s it

Diana Watson: I take Hainan’s direct flight to Boston for Christmas every year. It’s 14 hours. I rarely run out of movies/tv on the in-flight system, but I bring my kindle with extra. Unlike American flights, they have plenty of food and extra snacks and drinks. You get a pillow, blanket, and travel kit with a blindfold and toothbrush. I stand up and walk around a little when my legs feel it, but I’m not pathological about trying to avoid a blood clot or anything.

I usually bring an extra drink bottle and snack, but I’ve never had any problems with getting dehydrated or hungry. Unless you’re old or in poor health, it’s really not a big deal. Just staving off boredom is the worst part.I’m a caffeine addict, and I have gotten headaches from not having regular access to enough on other international flights. If you are, I recommend bringing some caffeinated snack. Now I bring espresso beans, coffee candy, or headache pills with caffeine, just in case.