How to update a 15 month old baby with necessary VACCINATIONS in Huangpu, Puxi or People’s Park area Shanghai?

Hi All, My 15 month old baby has been living in Shanghai since last month. We need to update him with necessary VACCINATIONS. We live in Huangpu /Puxi/People’s Park area. Where do I take my baby?

Jess Alya Chaudhry: I highly recommend United Family.

Ann Hildebrandt: Yes United Family Health! They are great, international doctors and I gave birth there 4 months ago. They follow the American Pediatrics guidelines, pricey but they are fantastic!

Heather Smith: I recommend Shanghai United Family Healthcare pediatrics department too

Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics
4.7 ★ · Hospital
1139 Xianxia Road, Changning District, 200336 Shanghai, China

Nick Kamensky: United Family are usually great, but we got turned away recently because they don’t have vaccines in storage.

Ann Hildebrandt: Same for my 4 months vaccinations they only have 1 in stock right now and said they’ll be getting more in sometime hopefully by the end of the month but weren’t for sure… luckily I am going home this week for vacation and can get them for our baby there. Hopefully United gets them in soon and restocked!

Lara Zhao: Oh gosh

Lara Zhao: Is there anyone else?

Fredrik Barner: Lara Zhao American Sino…we had our son there and very good doctors. We follow the vaccination program there. He is 2 now.

Fredrik Barner: Plus it’s not as expensive as United or Parkway. Have no experience with those hospitals at all. American Sino works just perfect for us.

Syed Bilal Hussain Shah: Concerned hospital where the baby was born will recommend you to specific vaccination centre

Lara Zhao: We moved here last month

David Bakk: United Fam. is the best hospital in SH. Let me know if you need more information.

Fredrik Barner: Depends on what you define as the “best hospital” ?. Our son got very ill one time and a Doc at United actually recommended us to Shanghai Children Hospital which are truly the best children’s hospital in Shanghai if things turn really bad … interesting right ! We walked out 5 days later and all good. It was truly Chinese in many ways … but he got the best care available and that matters the most.

Daniel Flipse: Americans are used to getting ripped off .. United is best in class on that

Penny Mulholland: Yosemite near the Kerry Pudong is fantastic. I travel there from Dapuqiao area

Yosemite Clinic
5.0 ★ · Hospital
1398 Fangdian Rd, 201204 Shanghai, China
Dapuqiao Station
Local Business
Shanghai, China

Peter Downs: have they started vaccinations now?

Jenny Remley Whitaker: You will have to call around but here are some other options not mentioned above. Sino American, Sino United, Jiahui, and Global Health Care. All can be found on Smart Shanghai.

American-Sino Ob/Gyn/Pediatrics
Shanghai, China
Global HealthCare China
Family Doctor
Shanghai Kerry Centre, Level 3, Room 301 1515 Nanjing Road West, 200040 Shanghai, China

Zeminsky MarkMark: I took my child to the local community medical center found in about every neighborhood. For several. Also, you can have the regular stuff, or the western stuff. Western stuff costs a bit more. Not sure why. lol…..we chose the chinese regular normal stuff.That’s my opinion, and I trust China.

Zeminsky MarkMark : be careful… don’t really need to pay western prices for that. all places should be ok, so long as you don’t venture out into the countryside for it. but even there, our child was born, and while scarey, they did a fantastic work!amazing, to just let go and let God handle it. Trust China. All community neighborhood medical spots can help you with that. They can. Millions of healthy chinese children every day.

Zeminsky MarkMark : I absolutely disagree with those fancy hospital care providing advisors above here. China can handle it. You don’t need to go that route above… will pay 6 times the price, I bet. For the same things.Remember, China has just as much health as other places.I am disappointed in their advice. Pity that.My daughter is sooooooo healthy and well, and we chose her care type not based upon money, but by faith in China.

Zeminsky MarkMark: Our daughter’s birth cost us about 1200 yuan. 1,200 yuan. And it was the most glorious moment. Filthiest place. Gloriest moment. God is good. China’s ok.

Zeminsky MarkMark:  My wife insisted it be done this way.

Zeminsky MarkMark: lol…she doesn’t trust the west. lol.

Silvia Lirvi: I don’t trust international clinic too. I had too many bad experience in 14 years. I have a good insurance but I prefer to go to chinese hospitals. I did kids vaccination in my country and not in China.

Cristina Rosca: Sunshine Children’s Clinic on Yili Nan Road – small Taiwanese private clinic, my daughter finished her vacination scheme with them after we returned to Shanghai at age 12 months and all was well. Also, not an overpriced service.

Sun Qi: Have you found the hospital for your son? If you need to know more information , you can leave me message then I will help you to ask the doctor in children’s hospital here .

Cindy Loca: We go to the Rainbow Children’s Clinic near Century Park for our vaccinations. Lovely place. Small and. Helpful.

Jasim Baig: You should check out Fudan university children hospital , very good Chinese hospital with international department also , I got my daughter vaccinated from there till 3 years , she wasn’t born in China so we couldn’t do local hospitals

Lars Korpe: United Family hospital is in your area. Western hospital as good you can get in Shanghai, but not cheap.

Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics
4.7 ★ · Hospital
1139 Xianxia Road, Changning District, 200336 Shanghai, China