How to obtain a 90 days business visa in Shanghai?

I am currently in Shanghai on a 30day L visa. It is my first visit to China, I obtained the visa in Vietnam. I’m a U.K. citizen. I would like to go to HK and obtain a rush 2 year 90day Business Visa. I have a recommendation letter. A visa agency just informed me I would need to fly back to the U.K. to obtain this business visa…is that true? Do you have any advice for this situation? Thanks in advance!

Sam Kilroy: yes, you need to get your M/F visa in the country of your passport… silly bureaucracy but unfortunately the case.

Sebastian Gomez: no need to fly back, you can send your passport to an agency or someone you trust to do the process in London (no need to do it in person), but first go to HK or Thailand and wait for your passport to be sent back though…

Richard Kievich: May not be true. Try to inquire other agencies in Hk

Hutch Danger Wilco: Yes, you need to go back, or send your passport back and have an agency handle it…if you really feel safe about being in Hong Kong and sending your passport in the post ?

Matt Ferguson: In a nutshell: you’re fucked.

Shane Hatcher: We had an agent do ours in HK. PM me for details

Stephen Barrett: I had a great visa agent. Others told me I would have to fly back to Australia, but my agent was great. Inbox me and I will give you his details.

Kevin Parker: I would talk to the UK council office here in Shanghai before an agency.

Anky Jaszczołt: I’ve heard you can get the visa in Seoul