When to renew residence permit before expiration in Shanghai?

Morning expats, Does anyone have any idea or ever renewed a residence permit 2 – 3 months before its expiration?

Steven Goodwin: Too early. 😉

Jesse Webb: I am leaving the country for two months before it expires. I don’t know what to do.

Steven Goodwin: Jesse Webb: Maybe you can go to the PSB to ask them.

Jesse Webb: I’ve just got their phone number.They are not picking up today.I will call them tomorrow.

Chloe Taylor: Renew minimum one month before expiration date

Jesse Webb: Does minimum One month mean I can renew it?

Chloe Taylor: Jesse Webb: start one month before expiration date

Jesse Webb: The problem is I won’t be here. Thank you mate. I will see what to do with it.

Chloe Taylor: Jesse Webb: let people from your work take care of itNo need you to be there

Jesse Webb: What about my passport?

Briella Edwards: Yes, it’s no problem, I renewed mine 2 months before the expiration because I was going to be overseas. The PSB have no problem with early renewal applications, just fill out the usual application and take all the same documents that you needed for your original application, should take 2-4 days

Hazel Marsh: I did 3,5 monthes earlier, you just apply earlier and probably write a specific application-explanation , the same process. The only exception – i had changed the company back then: one canceled permit, another opened permit and changed my visa as well ?‍♀️ Anyway you should bother ppl from your work to do it

Remi Reynolds: Should be no problem to renew now, my friends and I did renew 3 months before expire

Jesse Webb: Thank you all, mates.What are the usual documents I have to provide my employers with again ? I took all of my original authenticated documents back after I got my permit.

Jesse Webb: Briella Edwards:

Briella Edwards: Passport with entry visa, police registration, residential information. I think that’s it. I remember it was very easy, but you’re doing it through an employer, I don’t, so you might have additional requirements. Your employer should be able to clarify.

Jesse Webb: Yes. I understand. I asked my employers this morning. They said maybe I can’t do it 3 months ahead. So, now, since you already did it guys. I asked them to apply for it asap. Thank you everyone.