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How to go for a visa run from Shanghai?

Can anyone recommend the best place to go and do a visa run? I believe Hong Kong is a good option… Also, do different areas offer different visa lengths? Any suggestions would be most welcome, x


What is the best internet connection in Shanghai?

Good day everyone We are going to Shanghai in August and I am doing some research about internet for home use. I read that the speed is not the best. What speed is โ€œnot the bestโ€? But I also read about the 1Gbps fibre that will be in Shanghai. Can someone please give some advice regarding home internet(wifi). Price,(unlimited) best server etc. Kind regards


How to send packages to France from Shanghai?

Hi everyone ! I’m going to relocate from Shanghai to France soon. I would like to send (quite) a few things back there, and was considering sending them by boat. So, I was wondering if anyone of you had ever done this before ? Could you recommend me an affordable and reliable company here in SH ? Thanks for your help. ๐Ÿ˜€